Western Fiction posted November 9, 2016

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So Ends Their Relationship

She Called Him Stupid

by country ranch writer

Arriving in Montana the guys were all excited to be back here this year. The crowds were going to be hopping tomorrow. They checked in, leaving their gear in the motel. They took a chair at the diner around the corner and ordered supper. Yes, sir, sleep was next on their agenda, soon as they got their stomachs full of good food.

Upon leaving the diner to go back to their room, a fancy travel trailer pulled in cutting off her engine. Out steps this Blonde babe with money written all over her and eyeing Jackson Lee.

Steve Bear knew his buddy, Jackson Lee, was in deep trouble, when he met this buckle bunny first night there. Jackson Lee and Steve Bear had been buddies since as long as they could remember. They started riding in the rodeo PBR when they raised the money for the required fees. They hung out together, rodeo to rodeo, together sharimg expenses for everything.

That is till the cute sexy buckle bunny gal grabbed hold of Jackson Lee and turned him every which way but loose. Jackson Lee thought he was head over heels in love with the long legged, longhaired,blond bombshell. She was skinny, had green eyes, and she was daddy's little rich girl.
Steve took an instant dislike to her the day they were introduced.

Taylor Money didn't cotton to Steve either, she thought him a saddle bum and a go between her and her lover boy Jackson. She was so jealous of Steve being able to talk to Jackson about her and him. Steve told him slow down and don't be in a hurry to get married to anyone. Think before you agree to marry anyone, that included her.

The problem here is Jackson Lee he is not perfect by any means, not even close. She calls him stupid. This makes him feel embarrassed when she does it in front of other people. It makes him wonder what other folks think of him?

She sticks her nose in the air and says sarcastically, "you think you are better than me?" She whines pretending to be upset. "Stupid, stupid, both of you!" she said.

"I'll show you who is stupid, Jackson Lee yells at her in rebuttal! You're intentionally pissing me off, he says to her. You're making up lies and calling me names to embarrass me in front of my family and friends."

Taylor Money, she starts into crying like her heart was broken.

Jackson Lee told her coldly, "Stop your crying. We both know you're faking it to get your way!"

She wipes at her eyes not a tear was shed, she throws in his face,"At least I know how to make friends especially ones that matter!"

She always like to keep him awake on the nights he had to ride the next days, She would always talk about the silliest things. Like it couldn't wait till the ride was over. Then she would end up picking fights with him. Saying he was getting senile for promising to meet her some place and never showing up.

She yells about him squandering his pay check on some children by giving them a toy and a cowboy hat.

He sassed her back by saying smartly," at least I can afford it and I work for a living! Not like some people I know who lives off their daddy."

He regretted it soon as he said it and she turned to him and spit in his face calling him a Bastard. She says, "Maybe tonight I just won't come back, maybe I will just kill myself."

Jackson Lee says to Steve Bear, " I feel so embarrassed you heard her spouting off."

"This is your first girlfriend you will learn by your mistakes," Steve tells him. She will never change and you aren't responsible for her actions, call it quits."

It is best to tell her to leave than take a chance on marrying her and being sorry. The buckle bunnies get all lovey and then they show their true colors soon after thinking they got you right where they want you.

Yeah, Jackson Lee said," I must have been out of my mind bringing her home." In her defense though she had no where else to go."

Turning his back on Taylor Money, Steve walks passed her on his way by towards the parking lot. Jackson Lee was walking alongside him she demanded to know where he was going?"

" Choosing to keep on this way with her is your choice not mine," Steve reminded him. This is your life and you will be the one to have to make a stand and decide her or your career."
Jackson Lee turned his face towards Taylor said, "Hey!raised his hat and said, " Have a nice life!"
Steve Bear and Jackson Lee picked up their belongings from the motel and headed to the next rodeo. They had several more to cover to catch up to the others and as determined as they were they knew they would make it for the finals.

They might even get to do a little fishing on the way. It has been a year or so since they could find time to do much besides rodeo. They both were looking for some down time this spring. It is beautiful time of year with all the wildlife just milling around enjoying life. Jackson Lee's Dad and Grand Dad were meeting Steve's Dad to do a little panning for gold. The west has a lot of things to explore and beautiful sights to see. Also a few extra surprises along the way. Come join us next time for another exciting adventure.

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