General Fiction posted November 8, 2016

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Terrible twos against Dad


by Heather Knight

'Stop!' Dad said, 'Don't go up to the altar, the priest will be mad at you if you do.'

I looked at Dad for a while and smiled. I didn't have a clue why he was so upset. What was wrong with pulling the bald man's robes? I just wanted to see if they were soft...

'Stop! Don't take the fan out of the lady's handbag! It's not yours!' Dad said.

I wondered why. I was bored and I was hot. Besides, the lady hadn't seen me.

'Sit down, Maria, will you?'

I sat down on the pew, but I was so tiny my legs didn't reach the floor. I moved them forwards and backwards, forwards and backwards and giggled. This was fun! Dad, however, didn't seem to agree.

In the meantime, Mum just watched us and from time to time told Dad to let me be.

'She's a child, not a statue.'

Finally the Mass finished. I was free! I ran out the door as fast as my little legs would take me.

'Stop!' Dad shouted. 'Wait for us. I don't want you to get lost.'

I did as he said. Why didn't they hurry up? It was sunny outside and I wanted to go to the park.

When they finally caught up with me, I continued walking. Suddenly, I saw a weird looking plant. It was fat and had thorns all over it.

'What's this?' I asked my parents.

'It's a cactus,' Mum said.

'Oooh! How pretty!'.

I stretched my hand to touch it and then Dad said, 'Stop! You'll hurt yourself.'

I couldn't take it anymore. I looked at him, a serious expression on my face and said, 'Stop stopping me, Dad!'

My parents looked at each other and burst out laughing. I didn't know what had happened, but I felt warm and fuzzy inside. However, five minutes later, when I walked too near the road, Dad told me to ... yes, you guessed right, stop once again.

Stop writing prompt entry
Writing Prompt
Write a story of any type. But at someone point your character must shout: Stop!

This is a picture of me and my cousins a gazillion years ago. I'm the smallest one.
If you look at my leg, you'll realize that even as they were taking this picture, I wanted to run away.
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