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Taught Him A Lesson He Won't Forget

Street Racing, Need For Speed

by country ranch writer

Mike Cromwell and his friends have taken up their family's past time. Racing has been in the families for years. During the years their families raced it was a way to make some extra money. What else could they do on a Saturday night? Especially at 2:00 in the am when everyone else was supposed to be asleep.
Mike had been unemployed recently from his job of mechanic due to a downsizing. The street racing is typically arranged within the families that grew up around each other.The street racing has been going on ever since Mike could remember growing up. Tonight it would be his turn to show everyone what he's got and make money doing it.

Street racing Mike describes it as a an unsanctioned and illegal form of auto racing. The races usually take place in the out of the way places like dirt roads, some times industrial parks ,and down town in big cities. The race that is all legal is drag racing with all the bells and whistles to attract the people who can afford to race in the big time.
The opposite of street racing which swaps pink slips or cash when racing
for money to live on for their family.The younger generation love street racing because it is something they can go to and it is an out for underage kids. They are out to have fun with their friends and maybe sneak a few of the others beer's from the older crowd they figure no one would be the wiser.

As with any racer, life can be snatched away when least expected at a very young age. Unfortunately tonight would be no different. But it taught one man a lesson he isn't soon to forget. The night in question the moon was high in the sky and excitement filled the air. Cars and people all were there to watch the race.

The two race cars arrived in a blaze of glory and a roar from the crowd to get it started. Mike's love of cars and the speed would soon shake his world apart. He was asked by his friend Woody, a race car driver, to wait till he had a free weekend and he'd take him to a real track to race. No he said, " If racing was good enough for his family. Then street racing was good enough for him."
The race was on,, Mike was in the lead and the other driver Willie was gaining pretty fast just as they were almost to the end Mike began to shout, "STOP!"

Mike came to a sudden stop, his car turned itself off. He looked up shocked to see God. He was holding his hand in front of Mike's car.

When all of a sudden Willy clipped the corner of Mike's car. He must have been going over a hundred miles an hour when Willie's tire blew. It flipped his car over a good five times and went over the cliff knocking all the barrels of sand into the ravine right along with him and the car. The car was crushed beyond repair and they had to use the jaws of life to retrieve Willie's lifeless body from the wreck.

Mike was spared that night for some reason and he says it was a miracle. Mike now is on the committee to stop street racing in his town. He said," God wasn't through with me, he wanted me to save the kids of this town. I will devote my life to this effort to do so as long as I live."

Mike takes his racing to the tracks with his buddy Woody and he had turned many kids onto regular racing at the tracks. On weekends kids can attend a clinic on how to do racing the legal way.

Stop writing prompt entry
Writing Prompt
Write a story of any type. But at someone point your character must shout: Stop!

Unfortunately street racing is still done around the world in and out of the towns.
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Artwork by willie at FanArtReview.com

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