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Some Boys are Chumps

by michaelcahill

The author has placed a warning on this post for language.
The author has placed a warning on this post for sexual content.

I can first say; I am not offering myself up as any model for Sainthood. In general, I feel I've made enough mistakes and compromised enough of my own convictions to silence me as a judge of anyone. Indeed, I think I'm safe in saying ALL of us have scenarios in our lives we wouldn't like having reported to the world or even our small circle of friends. If you don't, then I tip my hat to you. I have some moments I'm grateful aren't on videotape for all to see.
I will add, I am not taking a partisan position with this missive. Yes, I do have my politics and my preferences as to policy and who I would like to see as our President going forward for the next four years, but this is not about my political philosophy.
With that in mind, I'm leaving Hilary Clinton out of this discussion. I'm not defending her or seeking votes for her. That is up to each individual as they see fit.
This is my admonition to those who would promote a man like Donald Trump as a man who would be President of the United States.
If you plan on offering Bill Clinton up as a defense against the actions of Trump, let me save you the trouble. I consider his actions as our President to be of the lowest order. To have sexual relations in the Oval Office for the sheer sake of his own pleasure is unforgiveable. A man that would embarrass his wife and young daughter in that way in front of the entire nation is reprehensible in my view. Yes, the fact he is a public official and figure is a factor. It's one thing to be a sleazy guy and cause your family grief with your piggish behavior in private. No, it is not a good thing, but it is not the same thing as a President doing so. That should be plain to see.
I will say, as a comparison, Bill did NOT assault Monica or bully her. She was an obviously more than willing participant in their liaison. Perhaps she was young and foolish, even in love with Bill. That mitigates her offence in my opinion. He, on the other hand, was NOT in love with her. He was just getting his jollies and taking advantage of the immense power of the office he was elected to in good faith by millions of people. His actions are infinitely worse than hers in my opinion.
However, to compare his actions to the actions of Trump is like comparing a misdemeanor to a felony. Trump assaulted those women. He raped them. That is what you call it when a man forces himself on a woman sexually. It's called RAPE. If a man were to do such a thing to your wife, mother or daughter, is that not what YOU would call it? If you introduced me to your mom and I reached out and grabbed a handful of her crotch, what would you do? I know what I'd do if you did that to any women in my presence, even a total stranger. I hope you feel the same way.
"Boys being boys" has to be the most ignorant, pathetic excuse for sexual abuse I've ever heard in my life. Sure, us boys or men talk some nonsense when we're alone together. It runs along the lines of, "Did you see Dolly Parton on T.V. last night? Boy, I'd love to get a peek at those puppies." That would be followed by a couple high fives and some vigorous head nodding.
But even us "boys" have some kind of standards. I've never heard one of the "boys" say, "Hey, did ya see the rack on Dolly. I'm rich. I could just walk up to her and give 'em a big squeeze. She'd let me 'cause I'm rich. Hell, with my money, I can grab any chick's tits or even clamp my mitts onto her pussy if I want to. I'm rich, I can do anything I want to a woman."
I admit, some men are pigs. I've known many a man who lied about an encounter with a woman. That starts in high school with some men. I thought they were pigs then and I still do. That still doesn't compare to sexual assault and treating women like slabs of meat who are so far beneath your grandeur you can do anything you want to them. Do you not feel women are of higher value than that? Or, is that just fine with you and no deterrent whatsoever in your support of Trump?
Okay, if that is all fine and dandy with you, let's talk about his demeanor and policies.
Is it okay to demean Mexicans and Muslims and deem them unworthy of being U.S. citizens? Do you agree judges with Mexican heritage are unable to perform their duties without bias? Does that go for Muslims too? How about gays, Chinese, the Dutch? I'd be curious to know the exact racial make-up that constitutes an unbiased judge. Would it be a white male?
I guess John McCain ain't your kind of soldier either. After all, he got captured. Trump don't like those soldiers like McCain who got captured. That's your take on the matter too?
How about men who give their life for this country? Is the life of a Muslim not quite of the same value as other races? That's a position you share with Trump?
I suppose you also find disabled people less than worthy of respect like Trump does. I guess there's a great deal of sport to be made in mocking them to get a couple cheap laughs. You find that all highly amusing, do you?
I for one found it quite darling when he chose to make a charity event raising money for impoverished children a chance to insult his opponent and embarrass a crowd of Catholic Cardinals. Who in the world gets booed by the Catholic clergy? That's your boy!
I find his answers to direct questions lacking. When asked, what plans he has or policies reflect his convictions, he will not answer directly. "I've got a great plan for that. You'll see when I take office. It's going to be an amazing plan". Gee ... I'd kind of like to know what the plan is, maybe a hint at least. I take it you don't need to know what his plans and policies are going to be. He just has to say he has one and it will be great. That's cutting the mustard for you? Speaking of Weiners ... well, I've only got so many words I can get away with. Weiners can wait.
Well, honestly, I'm making this as tame as I possibly can. I could be quite a bit more harsh, but it would serve no purpose. I'm finding that Trump supporters will support him no matter what he says or does.
To be truthful, it scares me that such a man has become the nominee of a major party. I recall him being a national joke for years with his shady business dealings, outrageous comments and his T.V. show displaying what a huge bully he can be. But, I guess the way he treated people on his show is right in the wheelhouse of what you seek as a President of our country.
I know this won't make a nickel's bit of difference to anyone. All I can say is, if you vote for this guy you will have made me question the sanity of humankind in general. How a man who exhibits all the traits I've listed above can be the choice of over forty percent of the populace is just terrifying to me.
Please, if you are planning to vote for this man, reconsider. If you don't like Hilary, vote for someone else. Vote for Joe the butcher at your local supermarket. He's very polite. Or you could vote for Evan McMullin. There's a Republican, AND he's running. See, I'm being non-partisan. I'm a bleeding heart liberal and I'm offering you an alterntive. You could vote for me, I'm to the left of ... everyone. 



Some of the language couldn't be avoided. It IS the language he used. I also attached a warning for sexual content, though there isn't really anything all that sexual about any of it. Better safe than sorry. :))

My apologies if I've offended anyone with this. An opinion piece by it's very nature isn't going to please everyone. So I'm expecting a lot of backlash and that's fine. I hope you don't judge the writing itself based on your opinion of the content. Feel free to dispute anything in this. It won't affect our friendship. :))

Pays one point and 2 member cents.

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