Supernatural Fiction posted October 27, 2016

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Is It For Real?

Strange Things Happening

by country ranch writer

Haunted House Contest Winner 
It was a warm summer evening in the quaint out of the way town of Raven Quest. It is said to have very unnerving events happening in this house. The house stood alone by the ocean cliffs, sounds of the waves were hypnotic. People thought twice about coming here. Most came on a dare.
The house was in a shambles with the roof in need of repair and siding needing to be up graded. The driveway was full of washouts; the only ways in now was walk or with high 4-wheel drives. Yet Miss Maggie Shore didn't care. She and her daughter Alley were going to make a bid on the house. She told Alley if she saw a ghost just ignore it. They were used to ghosts having lived in Grandpa's old castle.
As the trespassers enter, there is a ringing bell attached to the tower of the widow's walk.
As the door opens wide for them to enter, the Real-Estate man is trying to hurry them through. He is frightened of the house and wants out of there soon as he can. He warns them not to touch the book on the front table. Lying he says it is for decoration only.

A big beautiful book is on the hall table. The title of the book is "Death Awaits Within."
He hopes the readers will use caution when reading this story. Do not pick up the book at all no matter what. Do not get sucked into to this evil book. The curse is said to linger hidden in between the pages and when you least expect it, the cold hand of fate will make you blend in with the pages.

But what they didn't tell you there is no truth in the book. You magically find Yourself suddenly back outside where you started- facing the cliffs. Erie, yes, to say the least.
You then see the apparitions hovering over the rocks and cliffs as they scare off others who dare enter.

The tales is The Old Sea Captain was lost at sea and others took over his house and grounds.
His ghost walks these halls and out on the widows walk looking through his telescope watching for trespassers. He disappears at will so no one can see him.

This house if full of seagoing pictures and a very large picture of the Captain hangs over the fireplace. It looks like the picture is following your every move.

There is a large den which has walls filled with exciting books to read for children and adults. Alley is thrilled by this room.
All the rooms are large and airy and the kitchen needed an up grade but that didn't bother Maggie. She wanted a home to call her own where she could write and Alley could be happy. She told the Real Estate man she would be down at his office come morning to give the bid for the place . As they were leaving Alley, tells her mom," I wish we could get this house. It feels like this house wants us to live here."
Maggie Shore was at the Real Estate office bright and early, their bid was accepted and they could move in anytime. Ghost and all, they were hoping to be so happy as time went on. The first thing Maggie had done was fix the drive so the furniture could arrive for the following week. It took a big chunk out of their savings but it had to be done.

Maggie and Allie spent there waiting time cleaning the place up -washing graffiti off the side of the house and the doors.
They put up a sign in the front yard calling it "The Captain's Place."
They planted some new flowers that would grow fast so the place would look beautiful once again. They seen pictures of the original place and it was fantastic, Alley told the house, "you will be beautiful again once we fix you up." She could have swore she heard the house sigh.

Finally the furniture and fixtures arrived, the men were happy to help them place all the heavy stuff through out the house. Maggie fixed them lunch before they left to go back home. They were surprised Alley could cook, too. She served them homemade cake and iced tea.

Later that night they heard some one playing the piano down stairs. They turned the lights on and no one was there. Maggie told the ghost he could play the piano anytime he had a mind too. After all, this was his house too and she hoped they could be friends.
Later that night as Alley was falling off to sleep she felt some one kiss her on the cheek and say good night. She said," goodnight Mister Captain sleep tight."

Haunted House
Contest Winner
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