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I would ride the rodeos it was my dream

The Rodeo

by Abby Wilson-hand

I used to _____ (fill in the blank) Contest Winner 

I used to ride in rodeos and go extremely fast, it was like turning a throttle loose on a motor cycles gas. Around the barrels we would go, threw the poles we would weave, the fastest time wins all the money. My Body moved with the horses speed and we become one weaving through the poles as fast as your horse will go, it's all about the speed to take the cash home. That's what makes the thrill more of a challenge. I would barrel race. Barrel racing is called a clover leaf running as fast as you can towards the first barrel to the right run to the second barrel go all the way around then run to the third barrel all the way around it and run your horse has to run as fast as it can go back, through the Lazar timer.

You Couldn't keep me from a rodeo, been going for 40 years. The crowd and the screams you get when your horse does so well and goes so fast. It made me feel like a super star. Since I was a little girl I wanted to be in rodeo's, I wanted to be a pro rider, to compete with others and show how well I could ride and how fast my horse was, it was a thrill in it's own. When you get to the gate and it's your turn to run the butterflies in your stomach went wild, for you hoped your horse wouldn't fall or buck you off,because that's embarrising.

I had a beautiful Palomino named Bubba, he did every thing I asked of him, speed, glory and the satisfaction he gave me. It was always an adrenalin rush. When your horse comes into the arena on just his back feet from excitement. Bubba knew just what to do, letting his reins go as my spurs touch his side ,that was his que to know how fast I wanted to go. He flies around the arena, with amazing stanima. It's about how fast your horse can run, and if you can sit the horse. I won a few times and it sure was the best time of my life. Since last year my beautiful palomino had been killed in the road.I have missed him so much.I don't have the rodeo in my blood anymore. So I no longer ride in the rodeo's since he's been gone.

since then I had gone through about five horses in a year not likeing any of them. But just a month ago I had gotten this beautiful black horse, my dream horse was a black with white feet. I found him and he is amazing, I still don't want to ride in the rodeo's any more. It seems non existent to me. Since my horse was killed I don't have the rodeo in my heart. Plus I have a lot of back and neck problems that keep me from riding for long. I have a therapy horse he eases my lonely mind. He takes away the anxiety that my heart has in it. So many things in my life went so wrong my daughter with cancer , my father with a liver transplant, my mother-in-law dies of cancer,my husband is not well at all now, seems a horse takes away my fears, I really think a horse has what it takes to make a happy heart. Even though you can't bring them in the house like I would like to.

I used to _____ (fill in the blank)
Contest Winner

My love for horses is in my heart and soul
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