Commentary and Philosophy Fiction posted October 2, 2016

This work has reached the exceptional level
Lost in plain view.

A Pink Balloon for Beulah

by DonandVicki

Lost - Flash Fiction Contest Winner 

Beulah sat in her recliner in the far corner of the room, right next to her hospital bed. She wore a thin cotton dress. Her angelic white hair was thinning and unkempt. She stared out through her eyes that were clouded with cataracts at the spectacle going on before her. Her room at the nursing home smelled strongly of antiseptic and urine, but that didn't matter to her. Today was her 95th birthday.

A special performance of the Cirque Du Soleil was going on right before her eyes. Pink balloons, boys and girls clapping, waving their arms and singing. Beulah got up on her wobbly legs and started dancing and gesturing as best she could. The performers were speaking in a language that was strange and funny to her. A stranger came up to her grinning, and took hold of her waist to dance.

Beulah howled with delight, "Ooooooowwwwwwww, ta ra ra boom de ay."

Suddenly, Beulah started thrashing about as the stranger held her arms to her side. Another stranger led her back to her chair and sat her down. A
large man in a white coat took a needle and deftly put it in her arm.

Bright pink balloons started to pop all about the room. Beulah reached out her hands to catch a pink balloon.

"POP, Pop, pop, puuuuuu...." Beulah slurred, drifting off.

"That should calm her for a while," the doctor said.

Visibly shaken, Beulah's son, Tom stepped forward with an arm full of balloons and a birthday present.

"Will she be alright doctor?"

"I gave her a sedative, which will calm her for awhile, but it looks like the alzhimers disease has now progressed to the advanced stages.

"Do you think she knows who I am?"

"I'm sorry son, she probably doesn't know who any one is," the doctor said putting his hand on Tom's shoulder, "I'm afraid she is totally lost to you."

Writing Prompt
Write a flash fiction story under 500 words about being lost

Lost - Flash Fiction
Contest Winner


This is a literary experiment, to try to write a view from an alzhimers patients perspective. This may be fiction but my maternal grandmother and a close friend pf mine had this disease, and I wanted to present this flash fiction with all due respect.
I used the symbol "balloon" in the title because it symbolizes the emptyness inside.
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