Fantasy Fiction posted September 28, 2016

This work has reached the exceptional level
She is a masterpiece of the sea.

Avalon Part1

by Susan Chetcuti

Murmuring callings awaken her soul. Refreshing cool water like a spring of life embraces, calming and still. Long dark brown hair flows freely dancing around her slender shoulders. Fine lashes blink repeatedly. Her seductive green eyes irritated from the tiny particles of salt which combine the ocean waters.

Like a veil her vision is clouded. Only tiny bubbles that escape her nose and pursed lips become her focus. Sitting up from her lingering sleep she is unaware of a past life she once new. Something had changed her forever and now she'd become a masterpiece of the sea. Feeling lightheaded her emotions overwhelm. She has a sense of well being and somehow feels whole.

Soft rippling coral with magnificent textures lie beneath. Its long tentacles had hidden her from view. Creatures of the deep roam these mysterious waters looking for easy prey. Attached to her slender frame, is a bright silver tail embedded with miniature scales. It fans the sea bed graciously sweeping from side to side.

Days before she had run across the sandy dunes. Unaware she hadn't heard the beckoning calls of the ocean murmuring her name. Later that night not realizing her plight, she returned for a moonlight swim. Pondering thoughts had kept her wide awake.

Curling her toes into the imprinted sand, fluffy waves caressed around her delicate ankles.
Taunting, the sea's lure was unrelenting and soon she was drifting further away with the tide.
Its betrayal had seduced and dragged her within. Out of sight her stretched out arm had slowly disappeared as its grip pulled her down into the depths.

Tyler Pearson mumbled under his breath. ''Damn laces.'' His early morning run is suddenly cut short. Bending over he pulls off a worn shoe with the untied laces dangling over each side. Balancing, he begins emptying the sandy grain as it rides with the gentle breeze. Red faced he relents and decides to sit down. Taking off the other he then throws them in a heap beside him, followed by a pair of sweaty socks. Relieved, his bare feet start to cool.

Before long curious seagulls gather hoping for a quick snack. Disappointment follows when they realize he has only produced a half empty bottle of water. Tilting his head back Tyler finishes it off as warm water trickles down his rugged beard. Unimpressed, he throws the plastic bottle to the birds as they scatter reluctantly.

Tyler knows these areas well. Most mornings he'd be up at dawn running the steep coastal tracks of the beaches. Shortly after his toned physique could be seen ducking in and out of the clear blue waves. Refreshed, he would then head to work ready for a busy day.

Lifting his hand to shade his eyes, Tyler realized that he had left his sunglasses in the car. Usually they would be sitting on the top of his sandy brown hair. Squinting he watches the waves rolling in from the shore. There is movement on the white sand. Tiny crabs scurry, burying themselves out of sight to avoid joggers. Standing up, he removes his cotton shirt as warm rays of sun entice him to take his usual dip.

Nearing the waters edge he notices a shimmering object half buried in the damp sand.
Picking it up a woman's watch hangs loosely from his fingers. He views its delicate craftsmanship admiringly. Small crystals allure brilliantly under it's glass face. Turning it over, he cant quite make out the small engraving on the back. Grabbing the edge of his white tea shirt he polishes over it lightly. Now he sees it clearly and whispers'' Avalon.''


After my poem Secret in the sea was reviewed, A couple of people mentioned I should write a short story to continue with my poem. I wanted to challenge myself as I'm not used to writing stories. And now Avalon swims the clear blue sea.
Pays one point and 2 member cents.

Artwork by GaliaG at

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