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An Unlikely Pair

Opposites Attract

by country ranch writer

Opposites Attract Contest Winner 
It had never occurred to Johnny's dad Kenny, that he could lose his son at a tender young age. Bah, he said to himself, it was crazy to even be thinking such a thing. Instead of grief he let his anger consume him. However he wasn't going to stand by and do nothing. He was his dad and he had to find a way to help cure him of this devastating disease.

Kenny, Johnny's dad set in his home office staring out the picture window instead of working. His mind just couldn't get rid of his thoughts of Johnny in the next room hooked up to all kinds of monitors. Why couldn't life be like it used to be before Johnny got sick two years ago.

Seconds, minutes, ticked by it was like time ceased to exist. Kenny's wife Sarah came in the room and spoke.

Kenny said,"Did you say something?"

Kenny was pondering over the plans he had on his desk to surprise Johnny with he wanted to get Sarah's input on it is the reason he had called her to his office.

Sarah couldn't understand her husband hiding away in his office and why was he calling her there. She'd never before been allowed any where near his private domain.

"I feel things are beginning to improve with Johnny. She told him for the second time looking him in the eyes.

"Is it really?" he answered her.

He really wanted to believe it more than anything in his life. Kenny figured it was easier to let her believe it if she wanted to. It was better than to get into another argument about the whole thing. She could be very stubborn once she set her mind to things. So much like their son. He must get that trait from his mamma, he chuckled.

He offered her his hand and he pulled her around into his lap to cuddle up next to him in his big overstuffed chair. She realized it didn't matter if they talked or not it was the pleasure of being in each others arms again. She had really missed this closeness.

She pointed to the plans on the desk. "What do we have here?" She inquired.

She was feeling this was something important for Johnny. She prodded him to tell her what it was or was going to be. She was so impressed she was so happy to see him smile.

"Now that is a smile of the man I married!" Sarah said giggling like a school girl.

" Let's go show Johnny he will be ecstatic as we are!" Sarah exclaimed eagerly.

"Whoa! Woman hold your horses, " Kenny said, laughing she kissed his with such force he said, "Now that's my girl."

Johnny said, "just the other day his horse was going to be heart broken being separated from ."

As it was Prancer didn't understand why Johnny was around like he used to be all the time. He paced the yard whinnying for him, stopping the ground in disappointment.
Johnny has owned Prancer since he was the age of three a solid bond connected to both. The Cancer was taking its toll on Johnny so he had his dad bring his horse to the window of his room so he could explain things to him. Prancer stood there while Johnny say explaining things to him and his horse reached over and laid his head on his shoulder like everything will be okay you will see. The horse had tears running down his face, It was so sad to see. Both were in pain for each other.

Have you ever seen two opposites attract like these two bonding for life. Who would believe it if they didn't see it for their own eyes. Love comes in many shapes and sizes and sometimes not even in human form. Animals do get attached to a human and they know when something is wrong how to act accordingly. Johnny knew who this was going to hurt more than him. He just wasn't sure Prancers heart was up to it and he prayed he would listen and be all right with it. Johnny was more worried about Prancer than himself.

Johnny had already come to grips with it. His folks were still dealing with the idea they might lose their only son. Johnny wasn't giving up without a fight he told everyone including his horse.
Especially his horse, doing home schooling since he had to be tied up to monitors and IV's gave them more time together.

Johnny's dad Kenny built a lean-to over the end of Johnny's windows so Prancer could look in on him anytime he felt lonely. It sure seemed to help both of them if they had their way they'd be sleeping together.
It was like a miracle, the Cancer treatment were no longer necessary. It was like it was never there. Doctors scratched their head in wonder. How did this happen? Everyone prayers were answered. Johnny was now cancer free.
That was two years ago,you'd never have known he was sick unless you were there at the time. His mom said,"With the Love of a horse anything is possible." His mom Sarah still believes two opposites can share something in common, "An unbreakable bond."

Writing Prompt
The topic for this contest is: Opposites Attract. Romeo and Juliet, Ross and Rachel, these are couples that were opposites yet found love with one another. In this contest write a story about a couple that is opposite but yet drawn to one another.

Opposites Attract
Contest Winner

Opposites attract with a twist.
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