Fantasy Fiction posted September 21, 2016

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Not Much Left

Beautiful Castle Crumbles

by country ranch writer

Years ago in the 1800's, there was much talk of a Baron and his family living there the castle, Withering Heights. It was once a beautiful place to visit. The castle set high up on the hill overlooking the town. The Barron used to hunt in the woods behind the castle. The land went for hundreds of miles. The small stream ran for a few hundred miles down to the castle pond. There were stories of fountains along the sitting areas ,along with a heart-shaped pond full of fish. and a gazebo to sit where you could watch the , and seating all throughout the grounds. Flowers used to be beautiful, always in bloom, but not so now ;all is gone.

There were rumors of wolves living along the area killing off most of the wildlife.
The dogs at the castle were restless, barking their heads off at night when the wolves were in the area. It was happening all around the town also. Constant barking keeping people up at night. Most folks in town swore there was a werewolf running across the moors at night.

A tragedy struck one day. His wife of eighteen years and their child were killed by , some disease unknown to mankind.The Baron was beside himself and became a recluse, locking himself up in the castle.The only time he came out was on moonlit nights to walk the moors.
Some say he was bitten by the werewolf, others say he lost his mind after his wife died. The castle was in drastic shape. It was fallIing down in many places and continued to fall a little each day. the rocks were falling everywhere

There was a light still shining in the far upstairs window at night. No one knew how he was surviving up there on the hill. Those that tried in the past were run off by the hounds that protected him. Some say they looked more like wolves.

A young girl was out riding one day and decided she had enough talk about the man that was holed up in the castle all these years by himself. She was going to go have a look for herself. She wasn't scared of the unknown.

She had special talents of her own. She might look young to people, but she was really over 18 years old herself. When she reached the castle by herself, the dogs came out to greet her.They wagged their tails like the knew her.

Going quietly, she went along the castle wall, she found a door that was worn but in good condition. Going in, she heard movement around in there. She pretended not to notice, calling out,"Is there anyone here?"

Suddenly, she was face to face with the most handsome, man alive. He demanded," to know how she got past the dogs?"

She said ,"they weren't scared of her and my horse would keep them company. "

He had never met anyone like her before, "not since his wife died. He said,"he had a deep dark secret'" He didn't, "want her to get hurt"

He said,"she should leave before the moon became full"

She told him," she was not frightened in the least bit. His secret was safe with her. She would stay with him, he would no longer have to fear for his life."

As he was looking at the moon, he began to change before her eyes.
She was a bit taken back by the change in him, first his hands and feet, then his body. Then, as he turned his head her way, the wolf's ears, head, and fangs were visible. He was now a complete werewolf.

She reached into her pocket and pulled out a gun with silver bullets in it and shot him until he lay dead at her feet. He was a silver gray in color- a rare breed. His fur was soft as soft can be. She leaned down to kiss him goodbye. Her last words as she kissed him good-bye were," Daddy, don't cry anymore." She then disappeared into the misty night.

The Werewolf writing prompt entry
Writing Prompt
There is a castle that's crumbling with age. In it lives man, all alone. The man is a werewolf. Someone comes. What happens?

No one can hide forever.
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