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An Embarrassing Moments

Expect The Unexpected

by country ranch writer

Living in the country you always expect the unexpected. Or you think to yourself it is okay to let your guard slip once in awhile. We had been so busy with catching rustlers and saving the mustangs that we neglected our comforts.

Chase had gone home to his hotel to get some sleep. He was catching the first plane out to Utah in the morning. Jerry and I headed towards his ranch to get some food and see the horses were bedded down and the men taken care of.

While Jerry was finishing up with the horses I headed for the showers. I had been looking forward to one for days. Sure we washed off in the streams but it wasn't the same for some reason. Maybe I was getting spoilt with the sweet smelling soaps and fluffy towels hanging on the rack.
As I was getting my clothes together I decided to go ahead and start the water in the shower to get the temperature right. Turning the light on in the bathroom and pulling the shower curtain back I got the biggest surprise of my life. I screamed my lungs out without thinking.

Jerry came running as fast as he could and the men right behind him. They came into the bathroom guns drawn. I stood there in my towel so embarrassed. My face turning pink like a school girl pointing to the shower.

There sitting in the shower was a scared snake, I think he was scared as I was at the time. Luckily he was just a large corn snake. The hands slowly backed out of the shower to give Jerry room to pick the frightened snake up and take him outside and turn him loose.

I could hear Jerry and the hands laughing about the snake. When they got through laughing, they asked Jerry, " if I knew my towel was open in the back some and showing my rear end? " Another round of laughter went through the group of men as they returned to the bunkhouse. Hollering goodnight as they went.

I guess I will be at their mercy getting ribbed by them for awhile. Guess I had it coming for acting like a sissy. At least Jerry was kind and sympathetic about the whole ordeal. All he could say was never a dull moment when I am with you. He smiled at me as he was serving up supper, sure smells good I told him.

He laughed and said, "Who could go wrong with steak and home fries, and homemade biscuits."

After cleaning up the dishes we went in and sat by the fire, it sure felt good as the weather had turned off chilly. Before I knew it I was sound asleep slumped against Jerry's shoulder. He pulled the cover off the back of the couch covering us both as the fire crackled in the fireplace. Jerry just sat there enjoying me snuggled up against him.

Most Embarrassing Moment writing prompt entry
Writing Prompt
All of us have experienced that moment when we would have dug a hole and climbed in it just to get away from the embarrassing experience. Relive and retell your moment in as many words as it takes. Help us to feel your discomfort and laugh if it was funny.
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