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Prose Potlatch Challenge-Letters to the Editor

Immigration--One Side/the Other Side

by michaelcahill

Immigration—One Side and the Other Side
                                                               by michael cahill

Re: Immigration
I read with great interest your recent editorial on immigration. I have to agree. I applaud your courage. It certainly isn’t popular to take a stand against what many believe to be a cornerstone of the American dream. Yes, we are the land of the free and SHOULD be the beacon of hope for the world. We SHOULD be the destination for all who seek freedom and opportunity. The American way of life is to be desired.
But, if we don’t tighten our belts and take care of our own, there won’t be an America to come to where dreams are fulfilled.
No one is saying to halt immigration. If you wish to enter this country legally and have the means and wherewithal to contribute to the American way of life, then by all means, come on board. You are most certainly welcome.
As you so perfectly stated, don’t come here for a free ride and sponge off the hard working citizens who are struggling to make ends meet. Don’t come here intending to collect welfare and free housing without ever seeking employment or even learning the language. If you love the culture of your homeland so much, why don’t you just stay in your homeland? Why should we allow you to come here, stake out territory and in essence set up your own mini-country within our borders all on our dime? Can I do likewise in YOUR country. I’m sure the Iraqi government would be delighted to have me and my family show up penniless with my hand out.
“Hi, I’m Joe American and this is my family. I’d like a house and free everything. Of course, I plan on offering NOT A DAMN THING in return. How’s that sound?”
Of course, we don’t shoot people here, we just say, “Sure, sounds great. Can we give those kids some braces and a free education while we’re at it?”
Hey, why don’t we just let anyone in? How about some terrorists? Why make it difficult? Come on over. We’ll give you a gift card at Walmart and you can acquire all the supplies you need to build some bombs. Jobs? Hell, have our jobs. We don’t need ‘em. Unemployment can jump from ten percent to twenty percent; it’s just a number.
Need I go on? Build a wall and screen every single individual who wants in. It’s a reasonable request. Hell, I can’t get a driver’s license without taking a test, paying a fee and PROVING I belong here. And I AM A CITIZEN. Those same standards shouldn’t apply to someone here illegally? We’ll talk when you’ve acquired some sense.

Re: Immigration
As to be expected, you have once again presented a one-sided argument against immigration. You set up straw men like plastic soldiers we used to play with as children and mowed them down while they stood there waiting to be slaughtered.
Nobody advocates admitting terrorists, or rapists, or criminals into our country.
Surely you don’t believe that every Mexican is a rapist or criminal, do you? I understand we’re a little edgy with Muslims. But, surely we are not so backwards and bigoted we believe all Muslims are terrorists. We’re not a racist society anymore are we? We are all equal, aren’t we?
It is my contention that nothing more than greed and bigotry fuels the campaign against immigration into this country. Sure, screen applicants. Yes, I agree, we don’t want to allow terrorists or criminals into the country. Are you suggesting anyone in favour of immigration is suborning terrorism or criminal activity? Are you suggesting support of immigration is un-American?
Well, OF COURSE YOU ARE. That’s always your argument. Anyone against YOUR position is un-American. I do recall as much protesting the war in Vietnam. I favour immigration therefore I support ISIS. What an intelligent argument that is.
This has been ping-ponged back and forth ad nauseam.
Here’s my take, and it doesn’t deal with policy; it deals with heart and decency.
If a group of people feel so oppressed by the country in which they dwell, they are willing to pile into a rickety boat and face a likely death crossing an entire ocean, for the small chance they may reach the land of freedom, I say, LET THEM IN. I say, it's what this country was founded on. It's what makes this country great. Where is it written one needs a bank account to enter America. The amazing stories of inspiration I read about as a child were about immigrants who came to these shores with NOTHING and built something from the sweat of their brow and the ingenuity of their mind. THAT is the America I learned about, and the America I propose we continue to live in.
Unless you are a Navajo, Comanche, Sioux or one of the other traditional peoples of this great land, you are the sons or daughters of immigrants. There is not a single thing to distinguish you from anyone seeking to start a life in this land of opportunity and freedom.
If your argument is, “We got here first”, then, I suggest you pack your bags. Nope, you didn’t.
Sure, check every single one of them. Who’s for not having any sense? Of course we should check every single prospective citizen, and test them too while we’re at it. Yes, make them earn that citizenship by learning our system of government and laws of the land. Why change what has worked from the inception of this nation?
We already have laws in effect. Open the door and enforce the law. Welcome to all. For you conservatives … more customers to spend money and more workers to collect taxes from. Win, win.



The challenge: Letters to the editor. (Any publication or online entity that accepts the public's input.)

Today's topic is: YOUR CHOICE!

There is a catch, however. You are to write TWO letters. One from each side of the issue. Write one letter PRO whatever topic you choose and one letter ANTI the topic.

IE, If you write a pro-Trump letter, you must then follow up with a pro-Hilary letter. WHOOO HOOOO!
What better way to learn objectivity in writing about your characters, yes? I suggest you do your best to make a good argument in BOTH letters. Try and make a case for the opposite opinion even if you don't personally ascribe to it yourself. Not easy, no. BUT it can be revealing.

IF you can't bring yourself to argue against yourself, then ONE good letter will be just fine, no worries. LOL

Pays one point and 2 member cents.

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