Spiritual Non-Fiction posted August 20, 2016

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Dear Father

by MelB

Dear God,

Why is there so much hate in the world?

What makes people so mean, unfeeling, uncaring or only concerned about themselves? What makes people choose alcohol or drugs over family? What makes a man choose beating his wife and kids instead of loving them? What makes a man choose to look at pornography instead of cherishing his wife? What makes a person choose to jump off a building instead of living the full life You died for them to have? Why are people cruel to animals?

What makes a woman jealous of another woman? Why does a woman gossip instead of showing love to others? What makes a woman go after another woman's husband? Why do people cheat? Why do people lie? What makes one person kill another? How can a man rape a woman and live with himself? How can someone sexually abuse a child? Why does human trafficking exist?

How can a person get to the point where they can behead someone? Why do wars exist? Why can't people get along? Why can't people forgive one another? Why does there have to be sickness, famine, and disease? Why are some parts of the world flooding while other places are dry and barren? Why do some people live in huts and others in mansions? How do some people end up homeless on the street? Why are so many people hurting in the world and nobody cares or notices?

Why are there mental disorders, handicapped, and developmentally disabled people? Why are people growing angrier and angrier? Why are people so easily offended today? Why do people reject each other? How can a parent abandon a child? Why do people feel depressed, isolated, and alone? Why do some bully others? What makes someone mock, ridicule, and make fun of someone else? Why can't people be more kind, caring, and loving to others?

Why is there so much hate in the world?

What will it take, Father, for people to see You are the answer to it all? Why can't they see You are love? Don't they know You are mercy, You are grace, and You are forgiveness? Do they know You are called The Great Healer, The Great Physician, and Wonderful Counselor? Do they know You can heal and take away their pain? Do they know You are peace and everlasting life?


Your Daughter

Dear God, writing prompt entry
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