Writing Poetry posted August 16, 2016

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phobia free verse

I faced my fears

by flylikeaneagle

Phobias Contest Winner 
The cat pee smells arose from a dark, deserted, wooden house,
(no one would clean or paint this house, but I).

The owner would awaken to the shaking of her bed at night,
her dead, ex-husband talked to her at night, frightening her to death.

I faced my fears and took a deep breath or two or three,
as I touched the door and entered into the house with rainbow walls.

I had to clean this house that had thirty six cats in the house,
eighteen were found dead and eighteen were caught alive by trappers.

Spider webs criss-crossed down the steps into the damp, dark, deep empty basement.

The spirits couldn't touch me as I played Christian music on KJIA radio,
and listened to David Jeremiah sermons about Jonah and the whale,
(I felt like I was in that whale, in the dark, deep Sheol).

I danced with Jesus on the cat pee, soaked plywood planks,
as I breathed in fresh, spring air breezes and chlorine bleach.

I made $900.00 in two weeks, in the house that no would clean or paint, but I.

Writing Prompt
Write a 10-15 line free verse poem about a phobia you may have. We all have something that very much frightens us. No rhyming patterns.

Contest Winner

We moved to our new home with no landscaping. I prayed for money to make
flower beds and buy flowers. Five minutes later, I got a call from a lady trying
to sell her Mother's house. No one would clean or paint this house, but I.

KJIA is King Jesus Is Alive radio station.

My fears of unclean spirits and satan's friends is satanophobia. The cat pee odors is coprophobia according to our fan friend, Dean Kuch. I also overcame the spiderwebs or arachnophobia, as I went down the broken steps to the basement. This is a true story.

Yes, fans, I gave my husband $300.00 for house bills. The $600.00, I used to design flower beds, buy mulch and perennials. I dedicated the garden to God
and have shared my flowers with friends.
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