Mystery and Crime Fiction posted August 16, 2016

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Flash Fiction

Revenge or Let Go?

by Rasmine

The author has placed a warning on this post for violence.
As I held my partner's hand, my internal conflict of forgiveness and revenge fought for control of my actions. His gun lay right there, and the bullet my partner shot before getting hit himself, rendered the criminal helpless. They had shot at the same time. I knew the protocol, the suspect was down now, and it was at this time to arrest him not kill him.

Tony had been my partner ever since I joined the police force. Yes, sometimes the opposites in our gender got in the way, but we always had each other's back. Today, he had been playing the hero, telling me he would approach the suspect, and telling me to sit this out.

The man had looked harmless. Tony had no idea he had been harboring a pistol under all the bags in his shopping cart. He looked homeless, and usually, homeless people don't have guns.

When Tony told me to sit this one out he would be right back, I didn't think twice. Now, as Tony's life came to an end, angry tears ran out of my eyes. At this time, I didn't feel like being a cop.

My partner of twenty years died shortly after the homeless psycho shot him. It had been a good shot, close-by or right in the heart. He had looked at me after being hit, and just sunk to the ground. I knew he was dead but still called it in. Before the ambulance got there, I wanted there to be two corpses, though, not just one.

Tony had come to my son's high school graduation just last week. He had brought his new wife Judy, and his son from his previous marriage, Peter. Thinking of Peter made my throat lock. He just lost his father. It was at that moment I finally made up my mind. I had better hurry; I heard the ambulance in the distance. I picked up Tony's gun.

I made sure to use my handkerchief. There would be a quick investigation, but this guy was toast. I was doing it for Tony, but I had to make it look like he shot him. Thing is, they would know that Tony died quickly, how could he have shot the man a second time?

I pondered this dilemma as the ambulance got closer. Thank god there was no audience watching, no witnesses of my murderous ponderings. The ambulance sirens got louder.

This was out in the country. That is what shocked both of us. Tony wanted to investigate why the man was so far from the city, usually, homeless people hang around an urban setting. That is where all the shelters and food pantries are located.

The ambulance was almost there. It sounded like it just turned onto the road where we are. Yes, it's a very long rural road, curvy and hilly, but ambulance drivers are trained to drive fast on all different terrain.

I had to think quick. I bent down over Tony's body and aimed the gun. If I shot here it was a fifty-fifty that I would hit the man rendering him dead. I closed my eyes and made a quick decision.

I stood up and walked over to the suspect. I gritted my teeth and raised the pistol. They would know it was me that killed him, but I didn't care. This filth deserved to die. I aimed and started to pull the trigger.

"Stop Lydia."

It was Tony's voice. I dropped the gun and spun around. His lifeless body lay on the ground. Everything was silent--I couldn't even hear the approaching ambulance. No cricket chirping, no frog croaking; there was no sound at all.

The ambulance came into view. I waited for them while the suspect moaned.

Best Served Cold writing prompt entry
Writing Prompt
Write a flash fiction tale of REVENGE. Maximum 800 words. This can be in any genre and can range from a light-hearted prank to a murderous act of vengeance. Clever twists and irony encouraged.

I looked through FanArt and couldn't find any art to illustrate this. I guess I could've drawn something fast, but don't have time today. Hope you enjoy the story. :)
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