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An Alphabetical Challenge :10 letter words

Terminology Turmoil

by Chrissy710

Ten letter words Contest Winner 
Should we all Abbreviate and shorten a word
Long words are Burdensome and some quite absurd.
And, if you've Calculated, you'll find what I mean
They may be Distracting to what should be seen.
But, for the Eccentrics, the longer the test
Yet, if you're Factitious, the shorter the best.
It's the new Generation that's leading the way;
They are quite Hedonistic and have much to say.
To shorten Inactivate many words that we own
I'm sure would Jeopardize this language we've known.
Still I have Keyboarded and not used my pen
My writing's Lackluster since I don't know when.
I'll write a Manuscript scribed by my own hand;
Be really Noteworthy the best in this land.
I will stay Optimistic and believe in myself;
Not ever Paradoxical or remain on the shelf.
No, I'll be Quintessential when I write my text
Ever so Reasonable not make you seem vexed.
I'll sound so Scholastic, so clever in mind
They'll be no Tormentors, just all very kind.
For sure, I'm Unbeatable and bound now to win
Could I be Vanquished for vanity's sin?
But for true Willingness to stick to the quest
Have been so Xenogeneic this one I like best.
So just be Yourselves  and rate how I've done
Forgive my Zigzagging these words just for fun.


Writing Prompt
Write a poem of any type in which you use at least FIVE 10 letter words(10 or more letters are fine) They can appear anywhere in the body of the poem not just the end lines. Emphasize the ones you use in some way.... Capitals, italics, underline etc. Artwork is optional

Ten letter words
Contest Winner


I saw this contest and couldn't resist the challenge and as the style was open I thought I would try and A to Z alphabet format. I hope it worked Ok

Thanks for reading my work

Thanks to SCHATZLING for the image Nature's Alphabet

Abbreviate ( verb) To shorten a word or phrase
Burdensome( adj) Difficult to carry out
Calculated( adj) done with full awareness of likely consequences
Distracting (adj) Preventing concentration
Eccentrics ( pleural noun) a person of unconventional views or beliefs
Factitious( adj) artificially created or developed
Generation ( noun) a group of individuals of the same age and views
Hedonistic ( adj) engaged in self indulgence
Inactivate ( verb) make inactive or inoperative
Jeopardize( verb) put someone or something in danger or loss
Keyboard ( noun) a panel of keys that operate a computer
Lackluster ( adj) lacking in vitality force or conviction
Manuscript ( noun) a book or document written by hand
Noteworthy( adj) worth paying attention too
Optimistic( adj) hopeful and confident about the future
Paradoxical( adj) seemingly absurb or self contradictory
Quintessential ( adj) represents most perfect example of qualitiy or class
Reasonable( have sound judgement fair and sensible
Scholastic ( adj) of concerns to school or education
Tormentors ( noun) those causing great suffering and unhappiness
Unbeatable (adj) incapable of being beaten
Vanquished ( verb) defeat thouroughly
Willingness ( noun) the state of being prepared
Xenogeneic ( adj) not comparable
Yourselves ( pronoun) refer to the person as the object you personally
Zigzagging (verb) a line or course that proceeds by sharp turns in alternating directions

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