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Daddys Girl Through And Through

Grandaughter Makes Me Laugh

by country ranch writer

The time of my life: Contest Winner 
Growing up all my children learned to fish from the time they could hold a rod. It was a fun time in their growing years. They went camping, hunting, fishing, and swimming just about every weekend we could get away. Like in the song George Straight sings, Just a cooler of cokes and seven days, it was the best day of my life. It pleases me my kids were not like the kids of today. My kids were taught to respect their elders and say yes ma'am and nor sir and hold doors for people when they could.
When my children all grew up and got married all of their kids thank goodness liked camping, fishing and hunting too. On one occasion my oldest granddaughter asked her daddy to teach her how to cast net. "Okay," he said. "We will start you out on the bait net and see how you do then if you show potential I will buy you one. Then we will go to the next step up with the cast net throwing regime. "

It was the best and funniest times of my life watching her surprise her dad with ever throw. She was a real natural. Soon she would be graduating onto bigger and better things. Her heart's desire was to be a big fisherman just like her dad.

My son has three daughters and she was the apple of his eye. Her nickname is Mermaid because she loves the water so much. When she is in the water, she would rather be there than on land.

Her dad gave her a cast net of her very own, and we laughed so hard watching her get the hang of it because the net was bigger than she was. It didn't take her long though to get the hang of that too.

Our little Mermaid and her dad came home with so much fish they took it to our friends at the fish market during mullet season. When they asked my son who caught the most fish, his face turned red when he admitted to them his daughter could out fish him. He was proud of her. He told them, he'd never have to worry about her ever going hungry. She can shoot wild game, and fish and is very thrifty with her money.

For me, the growing up years for all my children and grandchildren were the best times of my life for they have so many stories to tell. From riding bikes to skateboard accidents (acquiring road rash and doctor visits) for all. Then there was the competition of getting fast cars swooped up and road races down dirt roads. Then getting onto the race tracks to prove one had the faster car. Memories will always be in my mind of all the good times they had.

I am thankful God has granted me the time to be around to enjoy them. Watching them grow up and have children of their own. They will be memories for them to share with one and all over the years. There are seventeen grandchildren in all now, so I have no doubts about the tall tales we will hear for years to come.

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The time of my life:
Contest Winner

Some of the best times of my life I share with you all here on face book.
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