Mystery and Crime Fiction posted July 31, 2016

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Detective Jamerson Is Puzzled

The Sudden Death Of Our Librian

by country ranch writer

When the call came into the sheriff's office about Mrs. Beasley the librarian. She was missing or presumed dead. Detective Jamerson had just popped into the office to pick up his brother Jesse to go to breakfast.

"Well about time you showed up! My stomach thought it was going to miss another meal."
Jesse grinned.

Laughing, Jamerson said, "You must have been working up an appetite this morning."

"We can go over to the cafe around the corner no problem, get that Stetson of yours and let's go.

Jess told him he had to stop by the library on the way to talk to some folks about Mrs. Beasley being missing.
Pulling up to the library he was met by the assistant librarian Mrs. Daily. She was so upset she was beside herself. Mrs. Daily said,"Mrs. Beasley was never late to work, she was always punctual."
She cried uncontrollably into her handkerchief, trying to take in gulps of air every now and then.

Detective Jamerson led Mrs. Daily over to one of the side tables in the rear of the library and wrote down in his tablet what little she knew about Mrs. Beasley. Sheriff Jessie talked to everyone there and did a check to see if someone tried to break in or abduct Mrs. Beasley.
"Well, I'm sure it won't be long before we get this all straightened out." You'll see Detective Jamerson patted her on the shoulder as he rose to leave.
They were going to head out to Mrs. Beasley's place soon as they grabbed a bite to eat and get some coffee to take along on the long drive.

Mrs. Beasley lived on the outskirts of town. She had been living in this town ever since the boys could remember. "Jeez, this place is a mess!" Jesse told his brother.
Jamerson said," I'll call for backup, get the lab boys, and some men to search the place."
At that same moment, a pickup truck appeared around the curve of the tree lined driveway. A man exited the truck, accompanied by his two dogs. One was a Blue Tick hound and the other was a Rhodesian Ridge Back. They were quite a pair and sat at attention when he gave the motion for them to sit.
" I am Monty Grey, I assume you are here to ask me questions? I saw someone force Mrs. Beasley into their vehicle last night around first dark."
The man wore a very worn out jean jacket, torn jeans and a black Stetson hat. He had a gun in a holster on his hip. I have seen him out here before but always kept my distance.

"I am not one to pry into other folks" business. He was probably in his forties I think, he was a rough looking dude.

Mrs. Beasley, she told him loudly, " You won't get away with this. People will come looking for me mark my words. My friends will miss me soon as I don't come into work."

He took off in his vehicle with another man. " I snapped a picture of the car and license plate if that will help you any," he said. He was still standing by his truck.

Jess walked up to where Jamerson was standing deep in conversation with Monty Grey. Jesse told him his name and asked him why he was out here.

"I live about five miles up the road, I was bringing Mrs. Beasley some fresh fish I caught. I came to see if by any chance she was back at her place. She lets me read her collection of books when she isn't busy. She is a really sweet lady, she even likes my dogs. Most people don't cotton to hunting dogs"
"The people who took her must of tore things up around here looking for something for she was a very neat person. Everything had to be just so with her in her place. She had a lot of fancy stuff for an old lady her age. What could they have wanted so badly? "

They found Mrs. Beasley. She had been shot and dumped in an old neglected cemetery. The sheriff was not happy and detective Jamerson wasn't buying her death as a suicide. The coroner said, "The victim died of a gunshot wound to the head."

The coroner went on to say, "The bullet entered the left temple, inflicting severe brain damage causing her to die instantly."
"Dispatch said you were looking for me." Monty Grey said. Joining them in the morgue.

When they told Monty Grey what had transpired he said, "I can't believe she'd commit suicide." He told both the detective and his sheriff brother(the cop). Find whoever put her in that car for starters.
"She loved life and everyone that knew her loved her too. She was just an old maid, the town librarian for Pete's sake. "
"Any idea who her killer might have been?" Monty Grey asked Sheriff Jesse.
"No, I am sad to say. The trail is growing cold." Detective Jamerson said, "My brother can't make heads or tails of this.
Instead of grief Monty Grey let the anger consume him. No one wanted to see a grown man cry. A tremor shook his body, other matters preyed on his mind today, the whole idea was scary. In truth, it had never occurred to Monty Grey. The men would remember him, kill him to keep him silent. Stop it he told himself, he was driving himself crazy thinking such a thing could ever happen. "Fate wouldn't be so cruel," he said to himself as bullets ripped through him. He was found dead with his dogs in the lake.

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