General Fiction posted July 28, 2016

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The REAL secret to making America great again.

Apple Pie: Now More Than Ever!

by Mark Valentine


Did you pay attention to last week’s convention,  
The tension so thick it defied comprehension?
Fear mongers fomenting wide spread apprehension,
Dissenters hell-bent to vent their condescension,
Senselessly shouting nonsensical sentences,
Blowing up bridges and putting up fences.
They painted a picture that wasn’t too pretty
Of desolate factories, violent cities,
Of states filled with hate and of towns without pity.
This looming dystopia, moral myopia -
Can this be the world of Aunt Bea and Opie?
Nope – this is some misanthropes stealing our hope.

They say that we’re being flushed down the commode.
They tell us we live in a crumbling abode
With no moral code, no moral high road,
We’re weepingly reaping the seeds that we sowed.
A pundit just showed the economy’s slowed;
Some folks won’t get paid all the money they’re owed.
All of these omens must surely forebode
A boatload of powder about to explode.
How to defuse it all - who knows the code?

I know the answer: It’s pie a la mode!

Yes friends, take a deep breath, relax and smell that aroma!
It’s like going home again.
Escape the world of mobs with pitchforks and torches,
Go sit on your porch
On a perfect fall evening, feel that cool breeze,
Admire the trees.
The warmth of the pie meets the cold of the ice cream.
Isn’t this a nice dream?
Look up and down your block – this is America!
It’s still there!
No need to be wary, put on some Chuck Berry.
Rock and roll will make us whole.
It’s America’s soul.
The ice cream begins to melt into the pie.
It’s to die for!
So proudly fly the Stars and Stripes!
Don’t believe the hype.
Take a bite – Mmm Mmm good!
Look up and down the block again,
Take another bite, and then - observe:
These people pay their taxes, mow their lawns,
Tend to their children, get up at dawn
And go to work.
Taste the cinnamon, the perfect crust!
I’m sure you must feel better now.
Funny how it just takes some perspective.
Forget the invective of yesterday’s news,
We still get to choose what America’s like:
It’s kids riding bikes,
It’s cold beer and baseball,
And that ain’t all…
It’s apple pie and ice cream on a perfect fall day.
They can’t take that away.


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