Sports Fiction posted July 22, 2016

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Woke Me With A Start

The Most Brilliant Light

by country ranch writer

The most brilliant light woke me with a start. Where was I? What happened to Me? I seem to Remember something about having to be somewhere for something, but can't figure out where I was supposed to be going?

It was quite warm under the bright lights. Why are they are shinning down on me? As things start going fuzzy, I slip into a deep sleep. Blood was everywhere, even on my face, it had congealed in transport into one sticky mess.

I was going to have to find out what those lights in my face was I was confused. Waking off and on during this procedure was unusual as I was to learn later.

Fighting for my life every step of the way. Not having any feeling in my legs was going to take the surgeons the longest. They had to go in and realign my spine putting in the rods and things to hold it in place. Since they wired my broken jaw shut I was going to be in a lot of pain.

They were having to sew up my face from being cut by all the glass. When the surgeon slipped out of surgery to tell Grandpa I was alive. He said, "they were still pulling bits and pieces of glass out of my face."It was most likely going to leave a jagged scar along the right side of my face.

Grandpa asked him,"if I would be able to walk or ride again?"
Doctor said, " it would be hours before he knew anything. In the mean time he told Grandpa to pray like he never prayed before," Patting Gramps's shoulder he went back into surgery.

Many hours later the doctor woke Grandpa to enlighten him on my condition. "It didn't look good," he said. The next 24 hours were crucial, I had lost a lot of blood while in surgery. By morning they will be giving me more blood he said to compensate for the blood loss.

My mom was blaming herself for not going with me to the rodeo. She'd gone to go help some friends of ours to load their horses for the next rodeo. They were short handed with their son in a cast. They all rode in different events every day. He broke his leg in his attempt to ride Night Rider a bucking horse with a bad attitude.

She was following behind about five miles down the road from where I wrecked. All she could do was scream for me and dial 911 to get help as she came upon the scene. Help was already on the way, although at the time she didn't know it.

I was put under heavy sedation after going through all the trauma and didn't know nothing about how bad off I was. Sometime during the second night they had to rush me back to the operating room. I was loosing more blood internally something had nicked an artery in my insides.

I woke up one day to bright sunshine streaming in the window of the hospital room. "She was going to make it ! I heard them shout." Nurses and attendants were as excited as the family. It was a great comfort to me. No one had given up on me.

Soon as I was able I was transferred to the rehab section of the hospital. This is where the agony and frustration took place. I was able to use my arm now though it was a bit stiff in the cold mornings. Eating was still a chore but manageable to a great extent.

My legs the doctor had no hope for. I was determined to challenge him by all means. I was not going to spend my life in a wheelchair feeling sorry for myself.

I wasn't going to give up on myself I was going to push myself each and every day. It was a happy day in my life when I could finally wiggle my toes. I learned to dress myself and get myself in and out of the wheelchair. I wasn't going to sit idle for long.

Each day I was making progress and set goals for a new challenge everyday. I learned to improvise to compensate for the things I couldn't do. I worked on the parallel bars regaining my arm strength.

I began to pull my self along the bars dragging one foot at a time. It was a long tough haul to get my legs to get strength and feeling back in them. Many nights I cried myself to sleep. I had come this far I wasn't turning back now.
I went from wheelchair to walker and I will be graduating to a cane within the next year.

The Most Brilliant light contest entry

"We don't always appreciate the things we take for granted. That is until your life hangs in the balance." Grandpa was explaining to mom.
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