Mystery and Crime Fiction posted July 12, 2016

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Shimes His Light In My Eyes

Some One Knocks On Your Door

by country ranch writer

The weather wasn't getting any better. The river was beginning to start to rise. Been listening to the portable radio all night. There was a knock on the door, I look out the peep hole and didn't see a thing. Just as I slid the chain slowly off the door. Bright lights hit me smack in the eyes blinding me helpless. I was so stunned all I could get out was, "Who are you?"

Suddenly I remembered a trick they taught us growing up retaliate with a blinding blinking beam of light throwing the person off course. I took my one hand and slid it slowly so he wouldn't see to my key chain I had on my wrist and let it flicker in his own face. He yelled "What the hell did you do that for?"

I hollered at him in return, my gun pointed right at his chest. "You have one damn minute to explain yourself before you find yourself expired."

With not being able to see the man tripped and fell against the pillar on the porch. Cussing, he says. " I should have known better than come here alone!"

Trying to get a grip on his present situation he discovered he was surprised nothing seemed broken.
"Why the hell did you come here anyways?" I asked him. The water was coming further up the front steps. When I stepped backward, wanting to put space between us, I awkwardly lost my balance he wasn't the only klutz.

"Oh! Damn! Woman, you got me side tracked with all this," He instinctively reached out to help her regain her balance.

I am part of Search and Rescues first responders to help people get out of their homes. We are loaned out from other places to help in times like this to get to hire ground.
" I saw no lights and wondered if something was wrong?" He said. "I was checking to see if you needed to get to hire ground." The storm isn't going to let up soon and the water is still rising as we speak.
"Oh, God, " I said, leaning forward to rest my head in my hands just for a moment.

He said,"We have to get moving."

"I just don't know what I am going to do, that's all. But its my problem not yours." I said, as I grabbed my purse and radio getting into his tall truck.

He said, "There is a blanket on the back seat if you can reach it."

As we approached the end of the swampy water there were two police officers shinning their flashlights for us to stop. He kept his eyes on the road, leaning forward to peer through the rain. He then was told to pull in behind the two police cars with the revolving blue lights beside the road. The police officer had me roll down the window. He shined the light all around the inside of the truck. He asked then "Are you all right?"

"Why wouldn't I be?" I asked.

After running the drivers plate and his license the Sheriff had the man step out of his car. The sheriff put the cuffs on him. The sheriff asked me, "How In the world I got tangled up with this man?"
I explained to the Sheriff as he placed the man in the back of the patrol car. Relief was now being replaced with anger I was furious. I walked back to the police car and asked the man a
question. "What did he think he was doing in the first place?" I asked him. He didn't look at me or speak.
I then asked him, "Where in the hell he thought he was taking me?" He just lifted his shoulders and shrugged in defeat.

My head was spinning, "How could I be taking in so easily?"

I should have known he couldn't be trusted when he shined the light in my eyes blinding me. How could he have deceived her this way? Better yet who the hell was he? He never mentioned his damn name to me. Never once telling me who he really was. What was I thinking?

The sheriff said. "Things, happen pretty fast sometimes; it happens, so don't beat yourself up so bad over it we learn by our mistakes." Can anyone really be prepared for the unexpected? No one anticipates being surprised suddenly by an overpowering light

"Anything else you want to know about the situation while I am still here," I asked the Sheriff.

The sheriff said, "He'd take me over to the shelter till the storm was over." The sheriff said that he would be by in the morning. Also if the storm water had receded I could go home.

It was almost midnight before the storm finally passed over. The worst of it was now over so much clean up to be done. Trees, electric lines, phone lines, all business to re- open a whole mess to tend to. I have a backup generator so I will be okay that is; if some one hasn't stole it out of the boatshed.
Getting back home I could see some of the neighbors had lent a hand in helping the handyman get things under control. Our handyman lives here while we are away keeping things looking nice and fixing repairs. The neighbor said soon as he got word the storm was over he was right there fixing things. The handy man's name is Jeeves, he is about as old as my Grandpa but he is a feisty character. Everyone loves him, he asked me how my trip was going so far. "My trip since I have been here has been interesting to say the least. "Oh he says, I haven't heard there was any trouble. What happened?
" I was able to fight off the attempt, but there were a few tense moments." I told him.

The Visitor writing prompt entry
Writing Prompt
A stranger came knocking at the door. When you peep through the peephole, there was no one there at all. Then you slide the chain on the door, and slowly opened the door and then you saw a blinding light. Your first words" Who are You?

There was no word limit that I seen so I just kept writing.
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