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What A Surprise It Was

by country ranch writer

She didn't lock her door, so basically Sheriff Baker said, " Well, ma'am it is a sad story but.."
I know it is my fault for not locking the doors Shelli Road answered, "But tell me, how they opened up the doors in the first place? She wanted to know."

Trying not to be a smart ass the sheriff said, " Where there is a will there is a way." These critters are very smart and if you don't lock up they will find a way in. I do believe these two had an accomplice though. They are the innocent by standers so to speak.
"Oh?" She inquired, "What kind of help?"

"From the looks of all this mess it was a Bear who started it. These two just got trapped in the aftermath of the destruction." The sheriff started feeling sorry for her.
The bear probably bullied his way in with his head since the door is a mess and let these two in on his way out. Deer are very curious animals. They probably had just came in to look around when you arrived.
"The bears are not going to the kitchen for grub first they are going to tear things up, looking for food and treats on the way there." The sheriff explained to her.
I will get in touch with the Rangers in the area and have them come out and keep watch.
The Berries on the trees aren't great in their region this year. Their food source isn't so great so they are looking elsewhere for food. With the brown bear population on the rise the bears are going to be on the hunt list for this year to slow them down a bit hopefully.
He went on to tell her Once they break into one cabin with food, it becomes a learned behavior that's impossible to change.
Everyone up here usually warns people of the bear trouble and to take precautions and they tell them to look for bear signs all around the cabins and never ever leave food in the garbage cans.

The sheriff asked her," Was she from around these parts."

"No, I am from Chicago first vacation I have had in years," She said.

With the cabin destroyed and inhabitable she will have to find some other place to stay.
The sheriff said, "He would find a safe place for the rest of her vacation." She said, "She was done with the outdoors for this year she'd rather spend the rest of her time in the city.

The Rangers showed up and they finally chased the deer away safely (when cornered they can do a lot of damage) and looked over the place. One ranger said to the other, " Shit look at this!" As he headed into the kitchen. "The bear ripped the door slap off the refrigerator, damn!"

The other ranger taking note whistled as he looked around wow! "He tore all the cabinets off the walls, damaged the heck out of the counters, see the stove didn't survive either."

They told the sheriff and Shellie Road that they have killed some bears in the area, but it is hard to know if the bears are the same ones causing damage.
"For the bears it is a mater of life or death, they will go to lengths to get what they need. At times a bear can be a pretty challenging animal once it gets its mind set on something it wants." The head ranger told Shellie. She just shuddered putting her arms around herself. This was all new to her this was her Grandfather's cabin. He was going to be pissed when he sees all the damage. It is a total loss and she sure hoped he had it covered with lots of insurance. "If not, how do you sue a bear?"

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Beware of the bears around cabins in the wilderness.
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