Mystery and Crime Fiction posted July 3, 2016

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A Bedtime Story For Cody


by Brett Matthew West

After his bath, and wearing his favorite pjs, Cody sat with Sheriff Daniels by the brightly burning fire. The Sheriff was telling him another bedtime story. Cody enjoyed listening to the amazing tales Sheriff Daniels told him. Beside the boy lay his new puppy Tadpole. They recently rescued the Black Lab from the Astatula Humane Society.

"Every boy needs a real good dog," Sheriff Daniels told Cody while they toured the facility and selected the one they wanted.

Neatly brushing every strand of Cody's blond hair into place, Sheriff Daniels began his story. Cody was all ears as he reached down and rubbed Tadpole's belly. He would remain quiet until the Sheriff finished his tale.

"Six months on the job as the Sheriff of Astatula I was settled behind my desk when the call came in. It was Larry Blize, the town's butcher. He sold phenomenal cuts of meat! Any way Little Man, Larry told me his wife had been kidnapped and they wanted 100,000 dollars for her safe return."

Cody's interest in the Sheriff's story grew. He adjusted himself on the couch as Sheriff Daniels kept speaking.

"I immediately headed down to The Best Cuts where Larry was behind the counter ringing up a sale. After the customer left I wanted him to tell me about his wife's disappearance."

"Not much to say Sheriff," Larry replied, "I left the house at 4:30 like I always do and Mary was just getting up."

Then he pushed the recorded messages button on his shop's telephone and Sheriff Daniels heard:

"We have your wife. We want 100,000 dollars in small bills for her safe return. We'll call again with further instructions."

"Larry did not seem overly concerned by the ransom demand and that grabbed my attention," Sheriff Daniels told Cody, "that was the first clue."

"What was the next clue Sheriff?" Cody eagerly asked delighted in what he was being told.

"Larry had not gone to the bank yet. That aroused my suspicion to the fact the call was a hoax," Sheriff Daniels answered him.

"Did Larry snuff out his wife?" Cody wanted to know. He stretched and yawned. Tadpole was now curled up in a ball at Cody's bare feet.

"He had her hanging on a hook in his freezer Little Man," Sheriff Daniels remarked, "easier to kill her then divorce her and lose all he possessed."

"What happened to Larry?" Cody wondered his eyes growing heavier.

"Life without parole," Sheriff Daniels replied telling Cody, "now off to bed. And take Tadpole with you."

Before Cody departed Sheriff Daniels reminded him, "And don't let the bedbugs bite!"

To which Cody replied, "I know. I know. If they do bite them back. Ha-Ha! Goodnight Sheriff!"

Thus ended their nightly routine.

Kidnapped! writing prompt entry
Writing Prompt
You are challenged to write a story about a kidnapping. Maximum word count is 500 words.

Sheriff Daniels tells Cody another Bedtime Story.

Now that this contest is over I have decided to re-promote this piece to allow all of Cody's fans, who may not have seen the post prior to the contest, an opportunity to enjoy this little story as well.

This is Evan, by Lilibug6, selected to compliment my story.

So, thanks Lilibug6, for the use of your picture. It goes so nicely with my little story.
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