General Fiction posted June 16, 2016

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Still Has The Sign In The Corner

The Old School House

by country ranch writer

I knew if I looked hard enough through all the years of pictures and journals I would hit pay dirt. Yup, you guessed it. I found it! There it was sitting there big as life. The picture I took when we were young in grade school.

Our teachers back then didn't believe in time out as it is called today. You got your butt whipped and set in the corner as a reminder not to do it again. We stayed after school and had to explain why we were late getting home from school. My, growing up is a lot different today than it was way back then.

We said the Pledge Of Allegiance. We said in God we trust and everyone was well behaved. Not like in today's world where everyone is so full of hate. Neighbors helped neighbor's and no one went without. Everyone stuck together and had each other's back.
Kids all learned their ABC'S and how to write, some kids today in the age of computers can't even read or write cursive. Let alone what the words mean.

We all appreciated a lot back then even though times were touch. It was the simple things in life that continued to make us happy and get us through our life. Being part of a family meant a lot back then and marriage was forever.

Today's world has really gone down hill. It is so full of hate and sporadic killings for no reason. Things in today's life have really gotten so far off track. I don't think they will be able to get their lives back on track.

Killings, one right after another, blaming this one or that one, but not themselves for their misgivings. Why make others die just because you are having a bad day?

We need to go back and start back at the old school life when your life was just beginning. People worked for what they got and their hands were never idle for a man worked from sun to sun and a woman's work was never done.

What ever happened to the happiness in life? Going to the old swimming hole, picnics, and hunting, fishing, sitting by the camp- fires, and listening stories being told? Simple things in life are gone forever. It is a crying shame.

Books will always be written and songs will always sell for both are the things that sell and never ever grow old. Books come in all genres and songs are sung about all walks of life from morning to night.

Have you looked around to see if you can find something in your life; or have you already found it? Would you like to sit down and tell us about it? Anything in your life you would like to share with us young or old? There are always stories to be told so come on share a tale or too. You know you will feel better when you do.

Found It writing prompt entry
Writing Prompt
Write a story where your character found something that impacts his or her life. Maximum word count: 2,000 words.

Things we can find if we don't get in a hurry. It comes to you after awhile and then you say,"I found it!"
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