Spiritual Non-Fiction posted June 11, 2016

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Thinking Biblically about God's Love

When God's Love Is Not Enough

by Deniz22

Ten Scriptural Truths Regarding God's Love:

1. God is love, but God’s love is not enough to compensate for the effects of your unbelief on you and your loved ones.

2. God is love, but God’s love cannot compensate for your stubborn refusal to listen to His Word and be converted.

3. God is love, as proved by the giving of His Sinless Son to pay the spiritual death penalty for your sin, but God’s love will not make you acceptable to Himself without personal faith in Christ.

4. God is love, but as you sow, so shall you reap, whether believer or unbeliever.

5. God is love, but finally, His rejected love will become eternal hate.

6. God is love, so He has no joy in the destruction of sinners.   

7. God is love, so He is creating a new world where sinners can never enter to blaspheme His Holy Name and harm His beloved people again.
8. God is love, so He hates all lies and those who make them and trust in them.

9. God is love, so He warns the wicked not to come into His Presence without faith in Christ.

10. God is love, while being absolutely holy and righteous in all His ways, ready to forgive and save all who trust His Beloved Son.



I'm quite sure some will object to these views of God's love. Yet I believe they reflect the truth of scripture in balanced manner. They are written here partially as a reaction to the blithe spiritual atmosphere of our day which seems to assume God's love is to be defined by our own experience. Thus it can be manipulated into a blanket endorsement of diverse religions and sinful actions. Worse yet, we can be misled into ignoring the instructions of God regarding faith by a presumptuous attitude based on a faulty concept of the love of Holy God. It has been said that God is not only love, He is also holy. Perhaps we should combine the two qualities into one term; God is Holy love.
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