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by country ranch writer

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Traveling along the open roads while growing up I've always kept journals. Picturing in my mind of places that would make a good novel. With a little re-creation it could become a best seller one day. The trend stuck with me as I became grown and on my own.

Being a roving reporter it had its advantages and I took every advantage of the perks. Writing was always a pleasure, not a chore and I loved it immensely. Being a lone wolf, as they used to call me. It was my life of adventure that kept me going. Putting one foot in front of the other going from town to town.
Writing one story after another about people, places, and things. I liked seeing how the stories I'd written would fit into my magazine. It had to sound just right and catch the reader's attention.

I wasn't getting any younger these days and the aches and pains were warning me it would only get worse. It was time to find a place to lay up for a while and regroup. Maybe I would read some of my journals and maybe get an idea or two.

I was going up to my Granny's old homestead to check on it. So now would be a good time to just kick back and relax. Maybe get some new perspective on things in my life.
Not many people knew of the place and when Grandpa passed on Grandma willed it to me if something happened to her. She called it, "The Quiet Place."

I always had my journals in my saddle bags when I traveled, right handy that way. Always had a supply of pencils and sketch books, stuffed in there too. You never know when you might see something to sketch or want to jot down a few notes to keep for later.

My Grandpa, he used to have a saying. "You can take the gal out of the country, but you can't take the country out of the gal." Guess he'd heard other men over the years use that phrase and took it for his own.

Grandpa was always peeking at my sketches back then. He was fascinated with the fact a person could get paid for this kind of writing and sketches and stuff. Looking back, I wouldn't have changed my life for the world.

When it comes to writing there is so much you can say. Yet you can also use so few words to say it in. Especially to get ones point across. You will make mistakes, but hey, we all do, it is nothing to be ashamed of. You will learn as you go and get the hang of it eventually sooner or later.

Writing for pleasure is my most favorite of all. Tucking the journals away for another point in time is priceless. You would be surprised one day. When you set down to read to your own journals.
Then you too will get your own ideas of what you want to write about. When the time is right, you will be the next famous person. Maybe be discovered for writing essays, stories of many genera or becoming the best novelist of the month.

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Write a story or essay with the topic of "writing". Can be instructional or a character in the story can be a writer. Creative approaches welcomed.

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