Western Fiction posted June 6, 2016

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You Got To Be Kidding!

The Belt Buckle

by country ranch writer

Time has a way of changing one's life, but will it be for the worse or better? Sometimes we lose track of the people we used to know. When they mysteriously find their way back into it you never know what will happen. It can rock you off your heels and bring you up short. This is what happened one day as the Sheriff recants his story to rest of the family.

It was back at the start of the new program the Sheriffs and Rangers were trying out in their towns. It was to have a few Texas rangers in every town to back up the sheriff in the case of a town ruckus. No one knew for sure when the rangers were going to get there,. only soon.

Mike and Jack were up to the challenge. Just waiting for the day to come. Mike and Jack had just finished their rounds around town. They collected their horses and were heading to pick up the town blacksmith to spell them for the evening.

He was thinking on his way over when his horse stopped to let him know they arrived at their destination. The blacksmith said, "We best waste no time chatting."
"You'll want to head out before dark to get to your ranch. Why you want to live so way out beats me!" Saddling up, they continued on towards the Sheriffs office.

"Those prisoners will want their vittles soon." Jack told Bart the Blacksmith.

"It's not like either of you can cook," Bart said

As they walked into the Sheriffs office, Mike said, as he Laughed, "I have been told as much on many occasions."

As they walked into the jail the prisoners stopped talking. A silly grin was on their faces seeing the Sheriff and his crew arrive.

Mike said, "The whole bunch of you are rotten. So tell me all of you, "now
what mischief have you all been up to?" He inquired, giving them a funny look.

"Awe, sheriff have a heart!" the older one replied. It was as if his feelings were hurt by the statement.

Jack laughed at them saying, "You miserable misfits will have time to think about trying to tear the town up." The judge won't be here till the first of next week."

Mike had forgotten about the slip of a girl sitting in his chair behind the desk. He suddenly swirled the chair around startling the girl. She commenced into screaming like a wild cat was after her.
"Oh, my God! What had he done? "Mike, covered his ears.

Once he calmed her down he hoped she'd forgive him.

He surly will need a drink to calm his nerves ole Bart was thinking to himself, that's for damn sure! His ears were still ringing. Everyone present would probably need one.

"This gal had a hell of a set of lungs!" Jack was holding his own ears.
"Damn woman!"

"I didn't mean to scare yea," Mike told her.

"What are you doing behind my desk anyways?"

A shiver went up and down his spine as he stared at her. Suddenly it dawned on him. He took a few steps back almost stepping on Bart's and Jack's toes.

As Bart and Jack looked at Mike and back at the girl they both said, "Shit!" at the same time.
For starring back at them big as life, was a slip of a girl, She was wearing six guns also a Texas Rangers' star pinned to her chest. She wore a championship buckle on her belt. Mike recognized that belt for there was only one like it in the world. Could it really be her? Was he going to measure up to her now she was a Ranger?

Well boys now we got that out of the way, "What the hell you got my men in jail for?" Gale wanted to know.

Mike, chuckled but Jack didn't find it so funny nor Bart. Mike said, "it's okay guys."
I want to introduce to someone I knew many years ago. She was just as feisty then as she is now. Her name is Gale, boys meet my fellas Bart is our Black Smith, he nodded and Jack is my deputy and best friend. So you might have pity on him for his poor judgment for hanging out with me.

Gale told Mike, "The five men he had locked up belonged to her and they were very good men."
She was sorry they caused a ruckus they hadn't had a day off in three years due to the shortage of men in the territory. Being able to leave Texas was a vacation for them. They just got carried away is all.
Well I too am sorry," but they will have to wait it out for the judge."
I am sure he will go easy on them with a few words from me and the boys. Mike assured her. In the mean time come on out to the ranch tonight with me and get reacquainted with the folks?

"You mean you have your folks close by?"Gale asked him.
There are a few others you will remember from your past also. "So please say yes you will join us?"
It will be a welcome surprise for all of them. Jack and Mike persuaded her to join them. Bart said he would hold down the fort but wanted to know the out come of her showing up. Out of the blue after all these years, he wondered to himself would it last for them this time? Only Bart knows how close they were till the accident.

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As they walked in starts the word list: silly, rotten, heart, miserable, scream, drink. There is so much more to this story.
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