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To See My Husband Take His First Steps

To See A Miracle Come True

by country ranch writer

Your Biggest Dream Contest Winner 
This may not win any challenges but I would love to see my husband be able to walk. He has been through such a rough patch in his life. This has been a whole new way of life to have to learn to adapt to. We are talking about a man who has loved life, hunting, fishing, camping, and all the outdoors all his life.

To be suddenly grounded to him was a shocking and depressing time for him both mentally and physically. His world was turned upside down. If the doctor had gotten his medicine like he was supposed to it would have never got to this point I don't believe. Due to the lack of Plavix to keep the blood flowing through his veins in his legs it caused the leg not to function at all.

Having suffered, with vascular disease of the legs all these years and having his legs operated on time and again to get the blood flowing. He was supposed to be on Plavix due to his heart and his legs he never in this world expected for his right leg to just die that fatal day.

No by damn he said," I am not going to let this get to me."

Losing the leg was something he would have to deal with one day at a time. He knew it wasn't going to be easy. He just never thought it would take this long to heal. He started back to getting his priority's straight and doing everything possible to get his life on the road to recovery.
Then there it was again bad news his leg was infected. While in surgery, he caught a life gripping disease. If they couldn't get it under control it could shut his body down. His liver and kidneys took a turn for the worse. After pouring the IV's to him and redoing the surgery again he began to improve. Soon he was able to go home. Since then he has been back in and out of the hospital. Fighting for his life.

Like many folks with his condition, he's been on medicine for a very long time. Over a year and a half, it has been so far. It has come and gone with no let up in sight for him getting any stark improvement. The word came in from the doctors office. He was going to have to go for more surgery. Once again he has gotten his hopes up.
This surgery finally brought us some hope they went further into both places on his leg and put another wound vac on his leg. They released him to come home once again with home care to watch over him with me. The wound vac this time seemed to be healing the leg closing up the big holes he had gaping open. I was now able to start giving him his treatments myself now since I was trained to be his caregiver, and nurses assistant, training sure has paid off. The wound vac is no longer needed which is a blessing.

He is eating healthy now and doing so much better. He is now able to take showers by himself and is using the bathroom without having to be helped. We are hoping soon to start therapy within the next month so he might be able to get fitted for his leg

In the mean -time, we aren't getting our eggs all in one basket. Because as it turns out he has cancer of the lung. They discovered while having the PET scan. He had to go for a biopsy and they found out his right lung is cancerous. Now he has to be going to the cancer doctor soon as he is released from the leg surgeons. Then we will find out what challenges he has to face to start another new battle to get well. In the meantime, we will just live each day as it comes. The biggest miracle would be for him to be able to live to take his first steps across the room.

Your Biggest Dream
Contest Winner


A fight for life to live each day as it comes hoping there will be a tomorrow.
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