War and History Poetry posted May 25, 2016

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Every year is the same old thing-

Visiting Jack on Memorial Day

by krys123

Memorial Day Free Form Poem Contest Winner 
From the start of our union,
 we raised up our arms
 in honor of our freedom,
 from tyranny, oppression
 and for the freedom for all.
 That is what that Marine told us, 
 when we joined, remember.....

 And now I'm here with a couple bottles of beer
 and a small flag
 that I tucked in my pocket,
 just to make it official.
 How are you doing little buddy?
I know it's only been a year but I missed ya....

   Do you realize your lying here amongst
hundreds of thousands of tombstones?
  Yeah, I know, you'd rather be alive.....

 I told you not to light that cigarette!
But you just had to be stubborn.
 Do you know I carried you for a half a mile
 and then when I laid you down
you still had a smile on your face,
and that smile never relaxed up until they buried you.

 I'll open this beer for you Jack,
 and pour over your headstone,
just like we do every year,
 as it's your favorite beer,  St. Pauli Girl,
because I always knew
 you had something for the girls, Jack.

All of us guys don't get together anymore,
most of the company went their different ways.
 Tom and Bill are in some hospital,
 still messed up.
 John and David are divorced
 and Ricky is in jail
 for beating his wife.

 And I can't believe that the row of stones goes on for
 so long.
 These damn white gravestones all in a row,
 and as a matter of fact when you look at them,
they flow on and on and on.
 I'll be here next time Jack, same time same place
 and I'll keep you up with the news.
 I'm wearing these sunglasses
so you can't see me crying up a storm here.
You know Jack,
 you made it very hard for me to come here today,
 and sometimes I just wish I didn't,
but then again......
 I just can't stay away.
 Goodbye Jack.......


Memorial Day Free Form Poem
Contest Winner


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