Commentary and Philosophy Poetry posted May 17, 2016

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free verse

One Hand, One Love, One Truth

by michaelcahill

IDAHOT Contest Winner 
One Hand, One Love, One Truth
Today the truth is discovered
for all humans everywhere there's no
need for fear or sorrow anymore


I have this book
it says right here
it says to fear it’s very clear
oh dear this soothing seer
says things are dire you’re in the mire
lest you pay heed
I read I need your ear
to hear indeed
you will be freed if you’ll just listen to the
shiny silver tongue that wags these words
for it’s decided you’ve abided in the
practice we’ve derided and a fire
will burn your asses down below
oh yes we know
for we are the self-appointed spokes-communicators
who’ve decided what is good and righteous
listen all you people
as the spot light on us glows

STOP That’s not the truth

do not listen to the people who deride you
anyone who has denied you 
is dead wrong
common decency will stand beside you
giving love
are you different or are
they the ones with problems
here’s my hand
this is your day
never more will anybody say you’re less
for it’s time you heard the truth
let me confess
it is ignorance and fear
that keeps them drowning while they sneer
there’s no sense and no defense to
what they do
for there’s no one anywhere
surpassing you
if you have love
then take my hand
now find another
with another find a hand to take
find love and make a stand
and take a hand
only love holds any key
it’s the bond that’s meant to be
take a hand then take another
find a hand and find the love
pass it on to one another
there’s the answer
there’s no other
there’s no special person separate
everyone who has a hand can
hold it out and find another
and find love
without love
your hand
is empty
and alone

over here is where
love to you is shone
hold your hand out
here’s another
love is yours
and ours and no one can deny it
take my hand
we’ll stand together
from this day



Writing Prompt
Today (17th May) is International Day Against Homophobia, Transphobia and Biphobia and truly deserves its title of Global Celebration of Sexual and Gender Identities?

All over the world, advocates and their allies are fighting for what matters most to them: the right to be free from criminalisation, persecution, stigmatisation.

Sometimes the right to just live, as in many countries people have to fear for their lives.

Rainbow flags will be flying all over the USA, UK and Australia, where this action has become a national IDAHOT favourite.

Write a poem, any style or length to reflect the essence of this movement. Make it fun, make it serious. Be responsible for what you write as promoting hate may be a criminal offence in your country.

Contest Winner


All things look better in Classic, take a gander. Click on the title and be transported to days of yore. On Hand, One Love, One Truth click on the title.

Part of this is a song.

Thanks to all of the people here at Fanstory who recently stood up against hate and for love. Wow. I'm so proud to be a part of this community. :))

Pays one point and 2 member cents.

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