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I went on horrible date from online dating site.

A chapter in the book Adventures of the Heart

Internet Disaster Date

by Liberty Justice

Dating Disasters Contest Winner 

Regretfully, one day a friend of mine told me that I didn't have to be lonely and without a male companion.

She insisted, "Go online and find a friend. There are handsome-looking men out there who are single."

"Ok" I said.

A man named Jed called me the next day and invited me on a date that evening. He told me he was an Executive at this company for ten years and had an upscale apartment and fine car.

I told him to meet me at a store, because I don't invite strangers to my house.

I hopped into his 15-year-old jalopy and we sped away. I had an uneasy feeling in my stomach about why an executive would be driving an old beat-up car!

"Clunk clunk clankity clank."

"Oh shit!" Jed screamed. His junk car had run out of gas. Angry rude people were honking at us and giving us the middle finger. "Hurry up; jump out and push before we get run
over," Jed yelled in panic mode.

"What the heck?" I asked. "I'm gonna get my brand new f'ing dress all dirty." By this time it had started pounding pouring down rain and I was drenched.

Reluctantly, I got out and pushed, but fell flat on my butt and tumbled into this muddy ditch. A passerby helped me up, laughing hysterically, and other good samaritans pushed the heap to the gas pump. I washed up in this stinky public restroom that had no toilet issue, so I used daily newspapers to dry off.

"Oh no!" Psycho nutcase said he dropped his wallet and I had to pay for $10 gasoline.

After he found his wallet, we were on our way to the popular overcrowded Greasy Burger Cafe?

Of course, when Jed swiped his six VISA debit cards, the pissed off waitress said there were insufficient funds.

Well, we had eaten all of these greasy burgers and fries, and now it was time to pay. I told him he'd better cough up some money, because I had been laid off my job and paid my last $10 for gasoline. Luckily, the enraged, red-faced manager let us leave our driver's licenses, and we signed the bill with a promise to pay the very next day or we would be in trouble.

I've never been so embarrassed in my life. As we were driving back to
my vehicle, Jed got all emotional and broke down and told me, "I lied. I'm so sorry, but I'm an ex-convict who was just released from jail a few days ago. I don't have a job, no money and I am driving a car I hot wired and stole because I wanted to meet you so badly. You sounded so good on that damn phone."

"One more thing," Jed admitted, "My psychiatrist told me in order to heal I need to give full disclosure to my next girlfriend. I am a convicted sex offender and recovering alcoholic, drug addict, car thief, home burglar, and healing rapist, but I never rape my girlfriends, and I'll give all those benefits up for you. Ok Sugar?"

"Ok, Buddy, I've got to run now. Dump me off right here at this next light. I gotta pee real bad," I screamed, as I flung open that ragged car door and jumped out before he even stopped that sputtering jalopy.


Dating Disasters
Contest Winner


Now, the internet is a wonderful place of unlimited helpful knowledge and I've heard people have met their spouses and WONDERFUL friends and lovers on the internet. Disclaimer: I do NOT blame the internet and it is not their fault about my wild experiences, because I chose to look for a friend. I'm only talking about my incident when I went on a date with a stranger who confessed to his many criminal offenses. Women, and men--we have to watch who we befriend.
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