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When The Grid Goes Down

by BeasPeas

'More Opinions, Politics & Comments' ~ #37-401-B
When the grid goes down,
they say it will,
not just for days,
but long term.
It's not IF it goes dark,
they say,
but when.
Can we cope then?

Digital infrastructure,
invites hackers in.

Worse...terrorist cyber warfare,
knocking us off the grid,
into prolonged blackout.

Unconcerned, unaware,
none care to prepare.
None dare...
speak of the unspeakable.

slaving to technology,
our lives are on the line.
On-line...all the time.

Every secret shared,
blabbing to strangers,
as if they cared.
Still, we volunteer more...
selfies on photophones.
Cry when we're hacked.
Wish we'd shut the door,
want to be left alone.

But when the grid goes down,
everything will stop.
No lights, no pix, no texts.

Another foreboding twist,
government ceases to exist.
Yay, you say?
Finally, Big Brother will be quiet,
not poking into our business.
It's then we realize,
we're truly digitalized.
No one to call.

Confusion, chaos, fear.
No guidance, no reassurance.
No FEMA, no mass communication.
No radio, no TV.
No water, no heat, no food.
No schools, no work, no wages.
No gas, no banking, no nothing.

Then we'll wish we listened,
when those loons, fringies...
people we'd scoffed at,
those Preppers warned.
"Stock up," they said,
"store the basics--food, fuel, water.
Learn to self protect from marauders,
those who'll threaten harm."
Now you alone must keep the calm.

We lament we didn't listen.
How do we live off the land?
Survivors must be self sufficient,
possessing fortitude, knowledge.

When there's no one else around,
will we cave in to desolation?
Pray to God for His salvation?
We'll be on our own,
when the power grid goes down.

March 6, 2016 ~ Marilyn D.F. Boire
'More Opinions, Politics & Comments'



In the modern world, we're "on the grid." We love our computers, banking on line, etc. Technology has taken over manual functions. Almost nothing is done without it. We're on-line every day on FanStory. We love it. But, the threat of prolonged power grid failure is real. Preppers are not entirely out of their minds. Search info about--when the grid goes down--to read about it. I'm not a Prepper (yet) but I know many who are. Family and neighbors will have to band together in catastrophe, rely on each other. Thank you for reading.
Pays one point and 2 member cents.

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