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Kiera Sees Trouble

A chapter in the book Adventures at Pollywog Pond-Book 2


by Douglas Paul

This begins the second adventure at Pollywog Pond
Kiera was perched on the limb of her favorite tree.
It was near the top of the hill above Pollywog Pond.
She could see almost everything that happened at the pond,
and she had been watching for many years.
Everyone called her the 'Wise Old Owl".
I guess she was pretty wise at that.
She had seen many things in her time
and she had learned her lessons well.

Sometimes Kiera talked to the other animals.
Mostly they came to ask her questions.
Once in a while, she went to them with advice,
but that did not happen very often.
It doesn't matter how wise you are
if no one wants to listen to what you have to say.
The ones who asked questions usually listened.
The others often did not take her advice.

Kiera was worried today, though.
A man had come to the woods by the pond
and he had left a trap behind.
No one else knew it was there.
Traps were bad things to be avoided.
If anyone stepped on one, they would be snared.
That was never a good thing
because then they would be stuck.

Some traps had sharp jaws like a shark.
Some were a rope noose tied to a bent tree.
The jaw traps were the worst kind.
They could cut you and break your leg.
This one was a noose trap.
It would catch you by the leg.
Then the tree would snap up straight
and you would be hanging upside down.
Most of the time, the animals jumped over the traps,
but this one was really hard to see.
It was hidden under some leaves by a thick bush,
and it was right on the path the animals used the most.

Once you were hanging upside down,
it was very hard to get away.
You would be stuck until the man came back.
Unless you got some help, you were in big trouble.

(to be continued)


In this first chapter of book 2 we meet Kiera, who finds a new danger at Pollywog Pond
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