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A few around our local area

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Local Snakes

by Chrissy710

Local Snakes! The sign it read, while walking with the dogs
So then I kept my eyes peeled out, for any moving logs.
I don't like snakes, give me the creeps
Avoid them at all cost,
So briskly I just walked along, no time would now be lost.

I scanned the bush and undergrowth, my eyes did dart around
A little nervous if I saw, some movement on the ground.
I reined the dogs in tightly
They never went ahead,
Coz I don't trust their wanderings, can stay with me instead.

We have a wide variety, some fast with good eyesight
Just lurking on my path at times, they give me such a fright.
Eastern Brown and Tiger snakes
These ones quite common here,
If seen I'll stop to let them pass, and still my rising fear.

What 's that now? One dog has stopped, she peered out at the scrub
My heart sped up and palms did sweat, something is near that shrub.
But then I saw it slowly move
Quick breath I did intake,
It's only an Echidna boys, and not a bloody snake.

Christine 8/1/2016

Yesterday out walking my dogs I saw a new sign on the path way that said ' Local Snakes' and I thought there must be a few about to warrant this warning.
I have seen some in the past along this walking track so I always keep my eyes peeled for any sign of them
So yesterday on the way home bit still in the bush my Huskie stopped short and just stared so I had a look and to my great relief no snake, but to my delight it was a big fat Echidna ( commonly known as a Spiny Anteater due to their long nose. They are also covered in long spines so one does not try to pick them up and the dogs know not to go too close too.

Australia has many of the worlds most poisionous snakes and we have several around our area. Namely the Eastern Brown and Tiger as well as Red Belly Black snake.

Not fond of snakes and they give me a scare whenever I see one

The image is of this very sign
Thank for reading my poem
Cheers Christine 9/1/2016
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