Satire Poetry posted November 30, 2015

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what happens when I go shopping

What Happened to Christmas?

by mfowler

Ever notice how a powerful idea can disappear into a vortex of mush? know, that pagan festival
about a kid being born to a virgin
being called the son of god
Now, that was a powerful idea
For 2,000 years it's been building up a head of steam
For all my life that baby was celebrated
Joy, peace and family harmony
were Christmas values
and the 'birth' remembered as if it really happened and mattered
And then the idea was supplanted
by reindeer, a fat guy with a jolly laugh,
credit cards
materialistic feeding frenzies
The baby sort of died in most people's eyes
was subordinated by better ideas
possibly dismissed as that 'Christian myth'
I noticed this when I tried to buy a nativity scene
Scoured the city
but rabbits in green hats
scenes from European winters several hundred years ago
and that blasted fat man with the jolly laugh
had taken the place of holy scenes
I asked a spotty faced kid serving in a department store
'Do you have a Nativity scene, you know, Jesus, Mary and the baby?'
'Aw, you mean like in the Christian version of Christmas?
Sorry, no call for that sort of thing.'
the Christian version of Christmas
Is that like: the Islamic version of Ramadan?
or:                the Jewish version of Hanukkah?
          maybe:       the Communist version of Capitalism?
Sometimes, wars are fought over ideas, ideologies and 'isms'
They are often overthrown, suppressed, or simply discredited

but, Christmas
seems to be drowning in a pool of mush
losing credibility and life to more modern things
I know some will say good riddance, religion causes wars and disillusionment
I say 'people cause wars and disillusionment' and I can't see what harm
celebrating peace on earth can really do
Season's Greetings to you all
(unless of course you celebrated Christmas in July
because it was cheaper or a little novel)
and enjoy your day off  (courtesy of the baby)

I hope you have a happy, holy Christmas
(especially those who live in hope)


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