Commentary and Philosophy Non-Fiction posted November 6, 2015

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What it takes to be my friend

If You Wanna Be My Friend

by Deejharrington

I know I am crazy. After sixty-one years, I am at ease with my craziness. My friends usually accept it. I am one of those "cat ladies". I've rescued felines for more than twenty years. I have had as many as three at once, these days, one psycho kitty is enough. I talk about my cat. So, sue me. I live by myself, am retired, no children, most of the time, its just me and Ms Chewy. Yeah, I get out and see other humans but most of my interactions are furry. I try not to bore strangers with my cat talk but I expect my friends to politely listen. They can pretend to be fascinated by what chipmunks or squirrels came to visit. It's the least they can do. Why, you may ask? Why should they be forced to nod and agree when I talk about the battle of trimming nails or hairballs?

Because for years, I've listened to hear them talk about children, grandchildren, husbands, and boyfriends. I've been patient, polite, even interested when they complain about family gatherings, sibling problems, and family stuff. But, not anymore! I am done.

Today, a good friend quickly cut off our phone call when I mentioned Chewy once. Once! And mind you, this individual was the one who gave me the damn cat to begin with! I have spent hours listening to this person tell me about people I don't know, places I've never been, and things I don't care about. I am done, I repeat. After all this time, I've decided I'm too old to be polite.

When did people become so wrapped up in their own lives? When did we stop being interested in our friends? Isolation is a slow death. To really feel alive and like you belong; you have to be interested in others. You don't have to agree or understand, just listen.

So, the next time your crazy friend calls; try listening. It will be your turn soon.


I haven't been motivated to write anything for a very long time. I am beginning to wonder if I can seriously consider myself a writer any longer. I decided that I should just put down something, anything. So, mostly its just bitchin. or ranting, if you prefer. I hope to come up with something a lot more clever soon.
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