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Champion Of The Rodeo

Little Boy Wishes

by country ranch writer

This is a scene we see quite often out in the rodeo country. For the youngsters it is a big challenge for them. All their folks and kin folks all are rodeo champs. When asked why they do it themselves the answer is always the same, "Why not!" They never grow out of the stage of wanting to prove to themselves they are as good as their peers.

Bull riding is a rough sport more so than football or racing fancy cars on a track. Most bull riders are raised around bulls all their life. One way or another it becomes their life style starting out at a young age and as they say the rest is history.

The riders talk about becoming the World Champion bull rider. With hard work and determination many bull riders get their wish. That goal is shared by every bull rider in the world. How they go about it depends on the man. This is not a sport for wimps and they are going to give it everything they got to make it happen.

Rodeo continues to attract seasoned fans and newbie (some one who has no clue) to the ever fast pace life of the rodeo bull rider. Professional rodeo is a remarkably tough sport and a rough way to make a living. One of the big differences between professional rodeo and athletes and other professionals is if the bull rider doesn't ride once again they don't get paid. We look at the bull riders and we realize they are no different than us. They are real people who also have real problems like we do believe it or not.

During their tour they cover twenty seven cities and the last one is in Las Vegas. They do meet and greets along the way to help pay for their expenses and other stuff they need to get by. Being so far away from home, one must keep their gear in good working order and keep themselves healthy. Grandpa used to say when things got tough the tough keeps going. You have to stay fit to stay in the game.

Professional rodeos are a lot different than the small town rodeos. The screaming fans, bright lights shining and waving to the riders is a big adrenaline rush. It's like something you never experienced before.

Yes,folks, bull riding is considered a sport it's more aggressive than football. Each day you are in for many surprises. Bull riders are known for their good looks, great smiles, fancy hats and the sexy way they were their chaps, walking with that cowboy swagger. They are real head turners, they even hold a contest for the sexiest cowboy.

Eight seconds on the back of a bull seems like a life time. The bulls make them show what these cowboys are made of. Picture them holding on with one hand, trying to make the whistle. They are riding the toughest bulls in the world and all the bull wants is this guy off his back any way he can shake him off.

For the bull rider, it's the adrenaline rush, some people say one is crazy but hey for a large sum of money for those eight seconds and to be able to fulfill your dreams as Champion of the world who cares what they call you. You are living that dream since you were a boy making wishes out of the corral. No guts, no glory is the bull riders motto.

Bull riding is one of the most dangerous occupations in the USA and it just don't happen overnight. You must work yourself up in the ranks and pay your dues in order to become a bull rider. Staying on a bull for eight seconds is just part of the daily routine.

Professional cowboys with a true love of the sport eat, sleep and breathe rodeo. They wouldn't have it any other way. It is the survival of the fittest, bull riding is more than a sport it is a life style. Professional rodeo is a fierce, rough and grueling sport, don't let anyone tell you otherwise. They are the greatest bull riders in the world kid you not. If you can't ride your bull consistently you can't be a world champion.

The bulls are harder, ranker, and a lot more variety of bulls so you have to be better now than years past in order to win the world title these days. The bull knows more about you than you do about him just as soon as you try to settle on his back. Whether they feel you are loose, relaxed or really tense.

In bull riding injuries, bruises and bumps are par for the course as you all well know. Their mental attitude they have to come to terms with if they have problems they have to be able to leave it on the other side of the gate. Fear is not an option when you are on the back of the meanest bull in the world. If you do, you won't last very long in the rodeo..

As for bull riding the trick is to have a good grip on the rope, a steady position on the bull and the confidence you can stay on for eight seconds. It takes courage and total commitment to be able to do this. The bull riders take pride in their work and a no quit attitude and gumption to want to win!

There are a lot of rank bulls out there, getting rougher every day, but the Cowboys seem oblivious to the noise. They are only focused on the bulls acting up in the chutes, Riding a 2,000lb. The bull is like starting a race car. You are in it for the long haul...

A trip to the hospital seems almost guaranteed during the bull riding. It is an adrenaline rush and it is gonna happen sooner or later. Bull riding is the most hazardous event at the rodeo. You can't let yourself worry over things you have no control over.

That is why they call it the toughest sport on dirt. It is the cowboy spirit they bring to the table when they ride. Being able to cowboy up is amazing. The support and guidance you acquire along the way is priceless. Stepping into the world of rodeo is something you would not trade for the world. It is your dream come true.

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Travel along with the rodeo circuit and enjoy the trill of the riders.
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