Fantasy Fiction posted July 25, 2015

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A short story.

A girl on fire.

by robina1978

The author has placed a warning on this post for violence.

She is a girl on fire, not by love, but real fire. Will she survive? What do you think? I reckon she might die. They burned witches ages ago and they all died.

But this girl on fire is really special. She escaped the flames alive and not even burned. She did get special powers though. What happens if she has been taught to use them? A fellow victim taught her what to with this powerful gift.

One blink with one eye, and she sets fire to the woods.
Two blinks with the other eye kills somebody.
When she kisses the air, thunder and lightning start.
Clicking with her tongue gives the person she is looking at similar power, and will be trained by her.
Making wrinkles above her eyebrows, can create so may disasters all over the world. The girl considers not to use this brute force. This might be a wise decision.
Whistling makes many animals sick, mainly dogs and cats. They do get better though.

Who the heck can stop this dangerous fire girl?
Can anybody tell me, or do you want me to explain it to all of you?

Maybe it has to be me. I had to think so hard and deep that it tired me out completely: dead beat, as you call it. I thought day and night, two times-so forty eight hours in total. Then I found a solution, tries it on the girl on fire, but utter failure followed: she got even more tricks and more vicious. I got impatient. That is the kind of person I am. So again the same time to think, and I finally found the answer by reading in history books- about witches.

This is what I found: The word 'Witchcraft' has been derived from the word 'Wicca' which means 'the wise one'. Witchcraft has been seen as a magical phenomenon, a pagan worship or religion, sorcery, and others, at different periods in Witchcraft History.

The earliest records of the concept and practice of witchcraft can be traced to the early days of humankind when witchcraft was seen as magical a phenomenon that was invoked for magical rites which ensured good luck, protection against diseases, and other reasons.

However, it was not until 1000 AD that the practice of Witchcraft and witches invoked the wrath of priests, Christianity, and members of the society. Witchcraft, seen as a religion of the ancient and traditional pagan religion which worships the feminine, earthly, and masculine aspects of God, was considered as anti-Christian and a heresy.

Held to be against the declarations and beliefs of the Church, witches were considered as evil, making pacts and connections with the Devil. It was even believed that witches engaged in practices such as flying, invisibility, killing, taming black wolves and cats to spy on people, and others.

The belief in the existence of witches was strengthened particularly after Pope Innocent VIII issued a declaration in the 1498 confirming their existence in society, and inquisition increased, although in 1200, killing of witches had already become authorised by Pope Gregory IX.

The Inquisition thus began after 1200 on orders of the Church to discover the witches or heretics who were believed to be evil and against the Church. Full-fledged killing of witches was, however, recorded in the 1500s and 1600s.

The first crusade against witches was held in 1022 AD when a witch was burned to death. Witchcraft History echoes the terrible campaign against Witchcraft in Salem in 1692 in which 150 people were tried as suspects of practicing witchcraft.

People suspected as witches were usually burned at stakes, and those pleading their innocence were either stoned to death or even sometimes thrown in water to prove their innocence. Witches usually faced severe and painful deaths or punishments.

Witches and the like clashed with our present religious views. Maybe holding a cross in front of her might be useful. I tried it and it worked: the girl on fire lost all her powers, and remained alive.

Did you like this story? Please tell me which changes you wish, if you want any. What if nobody likes it? What if all like it a lot?

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Many thanks to David rule for the excellent artwork.
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Artwork by David Ruhl at

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