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A Reluctant Son Finds Himself Controling His Fathers Company

A chapter in the book Second Chances

Second Chances Sample Pages 1 - 4

by -KTP-

The author has placed a warning on this post for language.


PHILLIP, a young Asian male, age 27, enters the office wearing sunglasses and strutting to his cubicle. The office time is 10:30am posted on the office wall mounted clock in the background. Other co-workers wave to him, only to be ignored. He enters a cubicle full of awards and positive review magazine articles from Next Tech, Wired, and Software Designers magazines. It is almost a trophy wall of awards revealing Phillip's software designing accomplishments. A black cushioned couch is crammed in his small cubicle along with a mini fridge. Phillip sits into his seat and sits back lazily. His cubicle neighbor JUAN, 29 year old, pops his head over the cubicle wall.

JUAN: There you are. You have been quite popular this morning.

PHILLIP: I am always popular. Tell me when Oprah wants to see me.

JUAN: Cynthia stopped by looking for you.

Phillip cautiously peeks over the cubicle wall back toward the other side of the office. A plain looking young female, CYNTHIA, age 24, sees him peeking, smiles and waves. Phillip immediately ducks back down to hide.


Juan looks on amused.

JUAN: You will have to deal with her eventually.

PHILLIP: That is the LAST time I get drunk at the company Christmas party!

JUAN: Looks like she is heading this way, Romeo.

PHILLIP: I got to get out of here!

JUAN: Don't sweat it. Your dad came by looking for you. He was not very happy seeing you late again.

PHILLIP: My dad? Good. I have my out!

JUAN: You know! For someone as smart as you, you sure are hopeless when it comes to women.

PHILLIP: If I wanted your feedback, I would have posted my problems on Twitter.

Phillip looks down the hall and hurriedly darts into the hallway, as he bee lines it to the President's office down the hall. Juan calls out after Phillip.

JUAN: You're welcome.

Juan shakes his head and his head pops down into the cubicle. Cynthia sees Phillip leaving his office and starts hurrying over to him.

CYNTHIA: Philly! Oh Philly!!

Phillip frantically darts down the hall only to be intercepted by Cynthia.

CYNTHIA (CONT'D): Trying to play hide and seek again I see.

PHILLIP: Hey Cyn. Look I really have to...

CYNTHIA: So my girlfriends and I are heading out to the bars tonight. Want to join us party animal?

PHILLIP: Tonight! Oh I can't tonight. I am way too busy.

Cynthia is disappointed.

CYNTHIA: You are always busy! I need to take you out to distract you!

Cynthia advances and plays with his belt. Phillip looks around, embarrassed, as co-workers look on with grins on their faces.

PHILLIP: Cynthia. I really have to go. I have a meeting with my father.

A look of defeat comes over Cynthia's face as Phillip darts past her and quickly into the President's office.


Phillip quickly closes the door behind him. He sighs in relief as he turns around, leaning back against the door. A lovely SECRETARY, late 30s, sits at a desk looking at him ravenously.


PHILLIP: Excuse me?

SECRETARY: Lunch has arrived.

The secretary gets up from behind the desk and walks seductively towards Phillip.

SECRETARY (CONT'D): Hiding from your most recent conquest?

PHILLIP: I don't know what you are talking about.

The secretary sighs flirtatiously and places her fingers around his face.

SECRETARY: So when is it my turn big boy?

Phillip coughs awkwardly as he quickly maneuvers out from being pinned by the secretary against the door.

PHILLIP: I was told my father wanted to see me.

The secretary rolls her eyes clearly disappointed.

SECRETARY: Always business. Just like your father.

Phillip clearly does not like being compared to his father.

SECRETARY (CONT'D): I will let him know you are here.

The secretary picks up the phone and dials. She never stops undressing Phillip with her eyes.

SECRETARY (CONT'D): Your son is here. Shall I keep him entertained?

The secretary sighs and hangs up the phone.

SECRETARY (CONT'D): He will see you now.

Phillip nods and puts his sunglasses back on. He walks into the office, carefully avoiding the secretary's lustful looks.


Phillip enters to a dark glaring older Asian man, Mr. Ming. Mr. Ming is dressed professionally and is seated at his desk. He glares and Phillips when his sees him enter. The glare does not even phase Phillip as he walks right in and claims the guest seat across from the President's desk. He casually puts his feet up on the desk.

PHILLIP: What's up pops? You wanted to see me?

MR. MING: Take those ridiculous sunglasses off. Its 11 in the morning for fucks sake.

Phillip reluctantly takes off his sunglasses, but leaves his feet propped up on his father's desk.

PHILLIP: What crawled up your butt and died?

Mr. Ming looks at Phillip's feet propped up on his desk and is silently fuming.

MR. MING: Your mother and I have been talking.

PHILLIP: This ought to be good.

MR. MING: We have decided that it is time for me to retire.

Phillip's feet slip from the desk as he falls to the floor.

PHILLIP: This is a joke right?

MR. MING: No. I am handing the company over to you son. It is time that you
take over the family business.

PHILLIP: Your serious!?

MR. MING: Very. I have the documents here for you to sign.

Phillip's father hands him the documents and Phillip looks them over cautiously.

PHILLIP: You are not exactly one to just step aside.

Phillip's father sighs and sits back down in his chair.

MR. MING: True, but your mother and I have been discussing this quite a bit recently. With your recent encryption software development, now would be a perfect time to convince our investors of the move.

Phillip fidgets in his chair.

PHILLIP: Dad, I can't run this company. I am not like you. Sure I can script codes that makes hackers squeal, but I don't exactly excel in co-worker management.

MR. MING: I am sure you will figure it out. Just like I did. Besides, I won't be leaving the
country. You can always call me for any advise.

Phillip's father picks up the phone and dials for his secretary.

MR. MING (CONT'D) Can you come in here a second. My son and I would like a coffee request.

His father hangs up the phone and the door opens. Phillip fidgets uncomfortably when the secretary enters. The secretary enters and walks right to his father at the desk.


MR. MING: The usual.

The secretary turns to Phillip and winks.

SECRETARY: And for you?

PHILLIP: Something strong... Very strong. I have a feeling I am going to need it.

The secretary nods, writes down the requests and walks out.

PHILLIP (CONT'D): So. If I am the manager, does that mean I can find my own secretary?

MR. MING: No need to worry about that. I have talked to mine, and she is quite excited to work for you.

PHILLIP: (Sarcastic) Lovely.

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Artwork by Linda Bickston at

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