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Fictional story with a parenting moral.

Patching Emotional Hurts

by patcelaw

Patching Emotional Hurts
By-Patricia Lawrence

Jeremy was a quiet little boy.  He loved playing with his sister Ellie, as she would have tea parties.  One day his mother came into the room.  The children were having 
a tea party which Ellie had prepared for Jeremy.
Their mother said, “Jeremy, why do you have to play girls games?”  
Jeremy said, “I love Ellie, as she always treats me so nice.”
His mother said, “Jeremy, you are acting like a girl and I forbid you doing that.” 

With this Jeremy began to cry.  Again mom said, “you are acting like a girl and I forbid that behavior.”
Jeremy walked to his room and sat on his bed.  He was hurt and angry, but not wanting to sass his mother, Jeremy put a big band-aid on his emotions.

Day after day Jeremy would do something with his sister that mom was critically of,  and Jeremy was hurt each time.  With each hurt, Jeremy woud  put a band-aid of each hurts to numb his emotions.
It was not long until Jeremy seemed to be cover with band-aids trying to hide his emotions.  About three months later, with all the patches on his emotions, Jeremy could no longer feel the critical remarks.  Because there was so many band-aids covering his emotions he was not able to feel his emotions anymore.  He became a chid who no longer cared for others or saw himself of being a person of value.
One year passed, and Jeremy began to be severely depressed and lock himself in his room so he would not hear people finding fault with the things he did or had to say.    

One day he took a chair into the middle of the room.  Climbing on the chair and took a belt and fastened it to the ceiling fan.  Then wrapping the belt around his neck, he jumped from the chair.  Fortunately the fan came down from the ceiling and Jeremy only got a big bump on his head from the fan falling on him.

His mother heard the noise and went to Jeremy’s room.  The door was locked.  Mom got the key that would unlock the door.  As she entered the room, seeing Jeremy lying on the floor with the belt around his neck and the ceiling fan on the floor.  Mom quickly began putting two and two together and realized what had happened.

Knowing Jeremy had just tried to end his life, she called the local hospital and arranged to get help for her son.

It took several weeks in the hospital for the staff to unravel what had caused Jeremy to try to take his life.
With skilled counseling Jeremy got well and was able to go home.

This is a work of fiction, but has a moral for parents.  

Don’t keep being critical of your child lest he becomes so discouraged and doesn’t want to live anymore.    
Let your child be a child, and encourage him to do many different things even if it means a boy playing with girls and doing the things girls love.  
If your daughter wants to play with the boys and play boy games, allow her to do so.

Fathers and mothers, don’t provoke your children to 
wrath, but bring them up in the nurture and admonition of the Lord.   Ephesians 6:4

Revised 9-6-16


The band-aids are figurative band-aids not literal patches
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