Humor Poetry posted May 2, 2015

This work has reached the exceptional level
He wasn't as daft as they thought.

The Vultures

by Eric1

They found him in the back bedroom
His face ghostly and white,
He'd left this world they all assumed
Without saying goodnight.

His briar pipe lay on the rack
In its usual space,
The train passed by,clickety clack
And threw it from its place.

They'd come to utter last goodbyes
But he'd already gone,
Everyone had glee in their eyes
No sorrow from anyone.

They looked around, eyed up the spoils
Who would have what and when,
A couple of porcelain Gargoyles
Were grabbed by Bill and Gwen.

Jim and Mabel checked out the clock
Down in the hall they lurked,
They'd never heard it once tick tock
For years it had not worked.

Not since dear mother passed away 
At the age of sixty four,
It stopped its ticking on that day
Stayed silent evermore!

Wally was searching through drawers
Looking for cash in vain,
Opening, closing cupboard doors
So he could score again.

Gathering in the dining room
They spoke about his will,
Among the relics in the room
Began the overkill.

They all agreed there was no love
They wanted equal shares,
Then came a noise from up above
And footsteps on the stairs.

They heard weird sounds out in the hall
The clock began to chime,
The clock that hadn't worked at all
Now keeping perfect time.

The handle turned they watched in awe
Then father walked right in,
They screamed and ran toward back door
From that malicious grin.

They scarpered from that evil place
Left father all alone,
Wiping white grease paint from his face
Clutching his mobile phone.

He knew they lingered in the wings
Awaiting his last breath,
They all sought material things
That's why he faked his death.

He'd clicked on You Tube, found a clock
That sounded like his own,
Thought he was clever with tick tock
Recorded on his phone.

The plan had worked out very well
His face was smiling still,
His pen he dipped into inkwell
Began to change his will.

'Being of sound body and mind
I do leave my estates
To all the cats who are confined
And not those reprobates!'



Just a tongue in cheek look at families my friends
Drawers.... say Draws
Picture courtesy of Google
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