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My 9-11-2001 Response

A chapter in the book Reflections Of Color

Strong Enough To Bend

by Brett Matthew West

On 9-11-2001 the United States was attacked at four different locations on our own soil. These events have permanently changed the world and our way of living. This was my response to those events.


Strong Enough To Bend

It's eight in the morning here in the Land of the Free
Another day is dawning with all our liberty
I came to New York City from those amber waves of grain
How could I know I'd never see my home again
Suddenly, from nowhere, there's a plane up in the sky
Working in this tower I see it flying by
There's an awful loud explosion and panic fills the halls
I see the dying people and then the tower falls

You changed our way of living by lighting up our skies
but, now we see the danger through the teardrops in our eyes
We're a peaceful, loving, nation but you called us out to war
Well, it's time that we all rally round our flag once more
We will never let the mem'ries of lost ones fade away
Forever they'll be in our hearts silently to stay
You've woken up the spirit here in the home of the brave
Where once again with honor Old Glory proudly waves

We're standing here together in the streets of our home town
There ain't no way you'll ever run this Country in the ground
No matter where you're hiding, or, what you try to do
Before too long you know that we'll be coming after you
We're fighting here for freedom and the lives you stole away
This ain't no game that you've been wanting us to play
Once again united from sea to shining sea
We're standing here together to keep our Country free

The Star-Spangled Banner flies high above it all
There ain't no way this Country for you will ever fall
Your days of all this darkness will never come again
America is ready and she's strong enough to bend

America The Beautiful writing prompt entry
Writing Prompt
Write a poem of any kind about the United States of America.


Somebody here on FanStory recently asked me if I would repost a particular set of my song lyrics.

Today being 9-11, 15 years later, I still believe these lyrics are relevant to our world today. Maybe even more so.

I could not think of a better time to repost them here on FanStory.

These are events we MUST never forget!

Enjoy them!!!

This contest has come and is long gone.

Again, these lyric are reposted on FanStory for the simple fact 9-11 is a day we, as a Country, must ever forget, and because a fellow FanStorian asked me to repost them.

(I originally wrote these lyrics on 9-12-2001. Not too hard to tell. Was it?)

Thank you Jean A. Cormier for your incredible picture. It goes so well with my lyrics.
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