Fantasy Poetry posted April 25, 2015

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a sonnet

Orpheus and the Argonauts

by w.j.debi

With Jason questing for the Golden Fleece,
the Argo trespassed on the Sirens' sea.
And soon they learned, these Argonauts of Greece,
about the Sirens' charms and treachery.

Bewitched by music tempting, "Come ashore...
Embrace desires...the dreams you yearn for most...
We promise paradise...and even more...
Ignore the dangers of our rocky coast..."

But Orpheus upon his golden lyre,
with songs far sweeter than the Sirens' call,
unleashed those melodies that gods admire,
and overcame dark spells to save them all.

For not all conquerors use sword and shield.
Great power reigns in strains the Muses wield.

Let's Go Greek! contest entry


Jason and the Golden Fleece--Jason was sent by King Pelias to retrieve the Golden Fleece, a task that Pelias considered impossible because of the overwhelming perils it would take to retrieve it. Pelias had taken the kingdom unjustly and was in fear that his nephew and rightful heir to the throne, Jason, would take it from him. By sending Jason on this quest he would be rid of him forever. A prophecy given to Jason stated that he must take Orpheus on the voyage or they would never get past the Sirens.

Argonauts--followers of Jason in the quest for the Golden Fleece. They were named for the ship they sailed, the Argo. Many great Greek heroes, such as Hercules and Orpheus, went on this quest.

Orpheus--son of the muse Calliope and the king of Thrace. Apollo noted the talent of Orpheus when he was a boy and gave him a golden lyre, and taught him how to play it. Legends state that Orpheus' music was so beautiful it could charm wild beasts, men and gods. Trees would uproot themselves to dance to his music. Even the restless Furies would stop to listen when Orpheus played. On the voyage with the Argonauts, Orpheus' music overpowered that of the Sirens and let the Argonauts keep sailing past the treacherous islands.

Sirens--dangerous and beautiful creatures who lured sailors to their deaths by singing enchanting music that caused them to crash their ships on the rocky shores of the Sirens' island's.
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