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Mr. Questions

by IndianaIrish

"Mom! Mom! Hey, Mom!"

"Just a minute, Max."

"Mom! I can't wait a whole minute. I gotta ask you sumthin right now this second."

"Go on and wash your hands. By the time you're done, the dishes will be finished, the cookies will have cooled off, I'll have a glass of milk poured, and you can ask away."

"Awwwww, Mom, my hands ain't dirty enough to need washin'. See?"

"Maybe you better wash your eyes while you're at it." She laughed as he scrunched up his face and squeezed his eyes shut. "I'm just kidding, buckaroo, just go wash those dirty hands ... and use soap this time, okay?"

"Yup. Be right back."

Marie smiled as her five-year-old son clomped off to the bathroom. Ever since he could form words into sentences, he was Mr. Question. She knew most kids were inquisitive, but Max kept her busy with question and answer sessions from the moment his feet jumped out of bed until his mind shut down to sleep.

Max sat at the kitchen table and dunked his chocolate chip cookie in the milk. "Mom, I just gotta know stuff. I been wonderin' about some things ... like, why don't doggies purr like cats?" 

"Well, it's one of the ways God made dogs and cats different. Dogs wag their tails when they're happy, and cats purr."

"How's come dandylion puffs blow away like the 'chutes airplane jumpers use?"

"It's a way God made that flower able to grow more flowers."

"Gosh, Mom, why then doesn't God make you grow more babies? I'd really like a brother to play with, ya know."

"Your Dad and I ..."

"Does God make me sneeze? Is that why you and Grandma God bless me when I do?"

Whew. I lucked out on that baby one. "Your body makes you sneeze, sport, but God made your body able to do lots of amazing things."

With a mouthful of cookie he asked, "Why'm I shortest than Jakey? We're boff five."

"You'll get taller when you get older. I promise. It wasn't too long ago you couldn't reach the stuff in the top drawer of your dresser. So, you're getting taller. God made you and Jake the height you're supposed to be at five."

He took a gulp of his crumb-speckled milk and smiled with a white mustache. "You're sooooooo smart. I'm glad God made you for my mommy. Can I go play outside?"

"Why don't you clean up the mess in your room before you go outside, Max?" Marie smiled and tousled his brown hair. "How come you're such a messy kid?"

"Ohhhh, that's easy. It's cuz that's how God made me!" He smeared the white mustache on the hem of his Cubs T-shirt. "God made you the bestest cleaner-upper in the whole wide world, Mom. Wanna help?"



This story was tucked away in my unfinished file, so polished it up and finished it. Hope you enjoy. Thanks for reading and reviewing! :-)

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