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The boss has gone too far this time...

Are You Serious?

by davisr (Rhonda)

Too Far Contest Winner 
"My boss has gone too far this time," Rebecca said to her best friend Shelly on the phone.

Rebecca was driving down I-10 towards Atlanta Medical Center. In the seat beside her sat a state of the art camcorder with all available accessories.

"What is he asking you to do this time?" Shelly asked, a note of humor in her voice.

"You wouldn't believe me if I told you."

"How many guesses do I have?"

"I'll give you three."

"Okay," Shelly began. "Well, I assume it's not your normal secretary work, even though keeping up with his disorganized self is a feat in itself."

"Is that a guess?"

"No. Just let me think. He's always getting you to "go-fer" things for him, like his laundry, gifts for his family, and even his food when he can't seem to tear himself away from his work."

"Not even close," Rebecca chuckled, and I'm counting that as two."

"Fine, then I'm guessing he's getting you to video something again."

"You're getting warm."

"Okay, you've already done his son's soccer game and his daughter's recital this month, so, what, a birthday party?"

"That's close enough," Rebecca said. "You know how his wife is pregnant?"

"Oh yeah...oh no!"

"Oh, no is right," Rebecca said.

For a moment there was total silence.

"That's just wrong," Shelly finally stated, disgust oozing out of her voice. "At least the jerk could be there for the birth of his own child."

"Apparently not, so he's sending me," Rebecca said as she took the Highland Avenue exit and turned right onto Boulevard NE.

"But you don't even like babies. Isn't that why you won't give Conner the 'go-ahead' on marrying him?"

"It's one reason," Rebecca admitted, "but not the only one. I'm a busy person who can barely keep up with a boss, let alone a husband or child. I don't want to end up like Mr. Walker and have to send my secretary to live my life for me."

"So you'd rather be alone."

"I'm not alone, Shell Fish, I have you."


"Are you serious?" Sandra Walker asked as two nurses wheeled her into an elevator to go to the third floor. Rebecca was hot on her heals with the camcorder.

"I'm afraid so," Rebecca admitted apologetically. "Do you mind?"

"Of course I mind," Sandra stated, gasping for breath as a pain hit her. "But do what you have to do. I'm not mad at you."

"You know he would be here if he could," Rebecca offered feebly.

"I know he would," Sandra lied. "He's just busy."

"Maybe too busy."

Sandra's replying comment was lost in the midst of a cry that vibrated the walls of the elevator.

"It's coming," Sandra announced as soon as she could catch her breath.

"Not yet," Nurse Baker said. "You can't have it here."

"Tell him," Sandra roared, pulling back the sheet off her legs and pointing to an emerging head.

The elevator stopped dramatically and opened. The nurses guided the gurney out.

"This isn't the 3rd floor," Rebecca stated.

"No," Nurse Baker said. "But baby isn't counting floors."

Rebecca turned on the camcorder and pointed it at the action zone as the nurses worked to deliver Walker baby number three. She tried her best not to look too closely as body fluids definitely weren't her thing. There was a good reason she had chosen not to go into the medical field.

"We've got a problem," Nurse Lisa said, as she noticed Sandra begin to weaken. She was starting to lose too much blood. She pointed to a spectator in the growing crowd and told her to go get help.

"Put that camera down and give us a hand," Nurse Lisa said, looking over at Rebecca.

At that same moment, a definite angry cry was heard from baby Walker as he kicked free of his restraints. The nurse wrapped him in a pillowcase and handed him to Rebecca.

"Hold him," she commanded.

"What? Me? No, don't give me the baby," Rebecca protested. "I don't like babies, and this one is all dirty and nasty."

Nurse Baker glared at Rebecca with a look that could have turned her to stone.

"Medusa," Rebecca mumbled as she took the wriggling mess of a baby, trying hard not to look at him.

She looked instead at the mother on the gurney who was fighting for her life. She was so pale and lifeless...there was no place safe to look.

And then the diminutive child in her arms began to whimper, drawing Rebecca's eyes downward. Almost at once her heart melted under the gaze of pure and undefiled innocence. A warm feeling beginning in the pit of her stomach began to spread all over until her whole body was glowing from the inside out. The baby boy glowed back until their souls touched somewhere in between.

Suddenly, a doctor appeared and whisked the boy out of her arms, and more nurses, and then they took the mother and child, leaving Rebecca and her camcorder behind. She stood for just a moment, looking off into the distance, the tangible feel of the baby still radiating in her arms, but then the ringing of her phone brought her back around. Without hardly knowing what she was doing, she answered it.


"Hi, Miss Flowers," her boss' voice boomed out. "Did you get there on time?"

Silence...silence..."I quit."

Writing Prompt
Write a story with topic: This time her boss had gone too far.

Too Far
Contest Winner


We've all had those moments when you know you've been pushed too far.

Thanks to the beautiful artwork by Wolfdancer13.
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