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You're Getting a Great Guy!

by Spiritual Echo

Mr. Henry Hudson
President, Langdon Enterprises

Dear Sir;

It is with deep regret that Harvey Potsworth is leaving our firm. I hope this reference letter will serve to assure you that Cobalt's loss is most definitely Langdon Enterprises' gain.

Harvey joined Cobalt while we were in Chapter Eleven and was originally employed by the auditor's overseeing the potential sale or liquidation of our company. To say that Harvey's achievement in turning our company into a profitable venture was impressive, is an understatement. Within six months, not only had we emerged from bankruptcy protection, paying all our outstanding debts, we showed the first profit seen in the company since 2008.

We were delighted when Harvey agreed to join Cobalt permanently and know he will leave a void when he completes his current commitment.

What sets Harvey apart is his unorthodox approach to problem solving. Harvey believes in decisive action and has little patience for committees who create make-work projects and dawdle in endless meetings.

He is a go-getter, putting his plans into action before the Board of Directors have stopped for their first coffee break. You must excuse Harvey's absence from these meetings as he feels his attendance is redundant, and he will not pander to part-time employees, as he refers to The Board.

He is an excellent manager and has repeatedly shown success in his leadership role as team leader. Harvey is a man of conviction and confidence, having no trouble carving out the dead-wood by offering mandatory retirement packages to dissidents of his vision. Cobalt has benefitted from the fresh faces and points of view brought in by the dozens of new recruits Harvey has brought on board.

Do not be alarmed by the collection agency Harvey will contract to clean up old receivables. Though I was taken aback by the fearsome, leather-clad men from  Manson Inc., they not only brought in every dime from overdue invoices, but the interest arrears.

As I am not privy to the package you have offered to Harvey, I can only assume you have covered the escalating profit-sharing clause. It is entirely because of this financial perk that I was stunned when receiving Harvey's resignation. Though originally pro-rated to team profitability, he is currently receiving thirty-three percent of corporate earnings. We reluctantly agreed to this amendment in his contract several months into his employment after he explained the damage Cobalt could sustain if he decided to work for a competitor.

Fortunately, Langdon Enterprises is not a competitor, but no doubt you will learn a great deal about our company.

Harvey spends a lot of quality time outside the office, but he does have specific tastes and requirements and it behooves you to accommodate his need for a well-lit and designer-decorated work space. A private bathroom must include a shower as he is obsessive about hygiene and will not attend evening meetings without having facilities to refresh and dress.

Something that may come in handy with your clients is Harvey's familiarity with fine wines. He was most impressive when he ordered for our top clients and we believe his ability to entertain lavishly will enhance your business relationship with customers.

Harvey will be sorely missed. But we are confident he can mold Langdon Enterprises into a profitable company and you will never regret hiring this up-and-coming executive whose goal it is to be on the cover of Forbes. He has always treated Cobalt as his own, and I feel certain he will bring that same sense of ownership to your firm.

You're getting a great guy.

Yours truly,
Jeffrey Stone
President, CEO
Cobalt Industries Incorporated


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