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A young college student moves into her dorm.

A chapter in the book Euphoria

Euphoria Sample Pages 1-4

by -KTP-


A young beautiful woman, SAMANTHA, age 19, emerges from the passenger side door of a black Lincoln town car parked in a red zone in front of a college dormitory. An older woman, TRISH, age 47, pops out of the back and looks at the campus smiling. A younger man, BRAD, age 17, pops out of the opposite back seat. He is checking out the hot college girls walking around. Other families are seen unloading moving boxes from various vehicles in the parking lot.

BRAD: So this is college!

An older man, VINCENT, dressed in a very nice black suit, age 48, exits the car from the driver's seat.

VINCENT: Keep it in the pants Brad. You still need to graduate first.

BRAD: Hell no! I am just going to crash on big sis for all the parties!

Samantha rolls her eyes.

SAMANTHA: Dream on.

BRAD: Ah come on Sis!

TRISH: We need to get Samantha all settled in. Please start grabbing her boxes Bradley.

Brad frowns, but opens up the trunk and starts gathering moving boxes out of the car.

VINCENT: What room are we headed to dear?

Samantha fumbles with some paperwork in her hands.

SAMANTHA: Room 334.

BRAD: I am not carrying this crap up too many sets of stairs!

SAMANTHA: I love you too.. putz.

Brad smirks at Samantha. Vincent starts carrying boxes into the dormitory as Brad follows behind him. Trish grabs her daughter and looks into her eyes.

TRISH: I am so proud of you baby.

SAMANTHA: Thanks mom. I really should get all these boxes in before the
campus parking enforcement finds Dad's great parking spot. After all..
I am sure parking tickets will be a big heated debate in his upcoming campaign.

Trish sighs, and helps Samantha gather more boxes.


Samantha and Trish walk down the hall and find room 334 open. A loud yelling is heard from within the room. They enter to find a young Italian woman, GINA, age 20, chasing after Brad,
who is holding a black bra in his hand.

GINA: Give that back, you perve!

Brad jumps behind an empty mattress and grins wickedly at Gina.

BRAD: Finders keepers.

VINCENT: Bradley George Smith! Give that
back this instant!

Vincent grabs Brad's ear and pinches it.

BRAD: Ow! I was, I was!

Brad hands the bra back to Gina who turns to Samantha. Vincent drags Brad out of the room.

GINA: So you must be my roomy.

SAMANTHA: I am sorry about my little brother. They
tried to neuter him, but my parents found out it was too expensive and too politically incorrect.

Gina laughs and reaches out her hand.

GINA: Name's Gina Perez. From around here?

SAMANTHA: Samantha. I grew up about 3 hours from here. You?

GINA: First girl in the family to make it
into college. Came here from Texas.

SAMANTHA: Texas to New York!?

GINA: I love the night life here. Texas just does not have the club scene like they do here.

SAMANTHA: Still seems like a long way away from home. I don't know if I can be that far from my parents.

Gina grimaces.

GINA: My parents are worth getting away from.

Vincent comes in with more boxes from the car and places them onto the floor.

VINCENT: My apologies for my son's behavior.

GINA: Don't fret. I was the only daughter with three older male siblings. It comes with the territory. Let me help you all move in.

SAMANTHA: Sure. Yet I would lock up your panties. I can't keep my little bro leashed all the time.

Gina laughs. Vincent frowns.

GINA: Let's get you all settled in.

Both girls exit to get more boxes, followed by Vincent.

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