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Julia and Valerius get married.

A chapter in the book Vision and Sound: Their Stories

A Walk In the Fog

by michaelcahill

The Final Chapter of Book One

Two souls encounter each other in various lifetimes. Though they are unaware of being soul mates, their bond draws them together in spite of often dire circumstances.
Previously, the red plague returned to reinfect Julia and Valerius. It was bad news and meant almost certain death as recovery was quite rare. Lourdes and Cassius decided they and Julia and Valerius would marry in a double ceremony in the forest. We continue now with the final chapter of the book as the wedding is about to take place.

The double wedding proved to be a grander affair then everyone expected. Word got out in town and the early morning found many townsfolk in attendance. Whispers filtered through the audience as Cardinal Agapito stood in front of the assemblage.

Those who knew him as The Oracle found it difficult to think of him any other way. His position of authority was accepted and respected, but as a friend, he would always be The Oracle. He eschewed the garments of his office preferring his simple attire.
The Cardinal spoke. "Here in this cathedral designed by the Lord, Himself, we gather to join these young people together in the bonds of matrimony."
Lourdes and Cassius went first. The forest air was crisp and a variety of bird songs filled the morning with a joyous harmony. Upon completion of their ceremony, Valerius and Julia approached The Oracle as Trellitia ushered many onlookers to a safe distance. All knew of the red plague and needed little convincing.
The Cardinal spoke again. "Lord, Valerius and Julia stand before you and their fellows to declare their undying love for each other. They have chosen to exchange their own vows. Valerius?"
Valerius took a paper from his coat pocket. "Julia, you have told me we are meant to be together. Indeed, you have said our souls are connected. You say they have been together and always will be. It was with but a single kiss you convinced me it was so. Whatever life has to offer us, know I have lived a full and complete life, for I have held you in my arms. Wherever you go, there will I go. If it be the unknown, then we will learn its secrets together."
The Cardinal nodded to Julia.
Julia had no paper. "I often wondered why I saw what others did not see. Was it a curse? Perhaps, a gift. When I saw you, Valerius, I knew who you were. There was no doubt and no question. You are the soul who is mate to my soul. We have been together and will always be together. We need only recognize the love within us. Love is seen with the heart, not with the eyes. When we leave this world may our souls remember how to seek each other out when we return. Wherever you go, there will I go. There is no unknown, the secret is love."
Valerius turned to Julia and embraced her. They kissed deeply and swayed unsteadily. The Oracle tensed as if ready to catch them, but they did not fall.
Valerius let go of Julia and addressed those assembled. "We have decided to seek our fate on our own. I am a doctor and Julia is well trained to assist me. We will care for each other and our fate will be in our own hands. We leave you now. Remember us just as you see us now. Maybe we will reach a faraway land. Maybe you will encounter us in the forest. Thank you all for your love and friendship. We will say goodbye to you now."
Those that knew them well already knew of their decision. Those who did not, well, it didn't matter. They turned and walked towards the forest. Their steps were labored but steady. Many believed they saw their pace quicken as they reached the forest's edge and vanished.


Most of those afflicted with the red plague continued to recover. There were a few more deaths, but the care of Trellitia and Lourdes was expert. The plague hit the Roman Army hard and contributed mightily to the further weakening of what remained of the Roman Empire.

Lourdes proved to be an excellent physician and became the doctor for the village.
Florentina and Grenadier completely recovered from the red plague and returned to the activities of childhood. They would often come running from the forest to Cassius and Lourdes. Both children would be panting and out of breath.
One of them would say, "We saw them in the fog! They were on a hillside walking. They stopped and kissed."
The other would add, "Julia smiled at me, I swear it. It was them!"
Cassius and Lourdes never disputed what their children said. Truth be told, they often took early morning walks in the morning fog. They thought, on more than one occasion, they saw them too.
The End


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This is the final chapter of Book One. There will be at least one more book and possibly two. Their story ultimately ends up in the here and now. There are many lifetimes in between. Some are lived separately and some are lived together. I'm not sure if I want to include lives lived apart or how much of their interaction in heaven I want to include. That will determine if their is one more book or two. Any suggestions?

Your feedback and loyalty in following this story has been wonderful. I've copied and pasted all of your reviews to word for when I edit this. I realize I am terrible about responding to reviews. I apologize for that. I do read every word. I'm just buried and can barely keep up with reviewing. My new years resolution is to do better. Thank you all very much.

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