Children Flash Fiction posted October 28, 2014

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Flash Fiction - about 600 words - a children's story

The Blue Balloon

by tfawcus

Sophie gripped the ribbon tight in her pudgy fingers and the balloon bounced above her head as she stomped in time to the music. It was a blue balloon, perfectly matched to the polka dots in her pale pink dress. Mama, who held the other hand, noticed such things. Sophie did not.

"I want some fairy floss."

"I want, don't get nuffin, Miss Sophie."

"Please! Pretty please!"

Mama let go of her hand to open her purse.

Sophie tugged on her balloon impatiently and then let go of the ribbon to see if she could catch it again before the balloon flew off.

She could.

"Look, mama, look!"

She did it again and missed. The balloon bobbed away on the breeze, over the heads of the crowd, and disappeared behind the Ghost Train.

Sophie darted after it, zigzagging like a mayfly on a summer pond.


But it was too late. Sophie was gone.

She paused by the clowns all in a row, who looked at her in amazement with their mouths wide open.

"Have you seen my balloon?"

They moved their heads slowly from side to side.

"Three balls for a dollar, little girl. Win a giant panda."

Sophie shook her head and ran off again.

Suddenly, up against the sky, she saw it wafting slowly towards the Ferris wheel. It bobbed against the side and caught in the spokes.

Sophie pushed her way forward, towards the ticket kiosk.

"Get back, little girl. Join the queue."

The balloon looked so small up there, holding the hand of the Ferris wheel.

"Hang on, little balloon, hang on."

Mama stopped by the clowns to catch her breath.

"Have you seen a little girl in a polka dot dress?"

"Yes, ma'am," the man replied. "She went that way."

At that moment a small boy leant out of his seat and gave the ribbon a tug. His big sister grabbed his arm to stop him from falling out.

The balloon drifted away, over towards the main arena.

Sophie chased after.

Mama caught a glimpse of the polka dot dress disappearing back into the crowd, ducking and weaving, this way and that.

"Sophie!" she cried.

But it was too late. Sophie was gone again.

When Sophie reached the main arena, she was just in time to see the balloon sail out of the showgrounds, high up above the city skyscape. It was as small as a speck of dust in the sun.

She sat down and cried.

"What's the matter, little girl?"

"I've lost my balloon."

"That's nothing to cry about," the boy said. "Here, you can have mine."

He handed her his balloon, the beautiful blue balloon that his grandpa had just bought for him.

Grandpa put his arm around his shoulder.

"That was very kind of you," it seemed to say.

"What's your name, little girl?" he said.


"Where's your mama, Sophie?"

"I don't know. I think she's lost me."

Sophie's bottom lip began to quiver.

Just then mama spotted a blue balloon bobbing above the crowd.



They ran towards each other with arms outstretched and hugged, just like Mama Bear and Papa Bear.

They hugged for a very long time.

The boy and his grandfather looked at each other and smiled.

"Come on," he said. "Let's go and see the alpacas."

"Oh, yes!" the boy said.

So they did.


Fairy floss (Aus) = Candy floss (UK) = Cotton Candy (US)

I forgot I'd already entered the "Lost" Flash Fiction contest! LOL
Pays one point and 2 member cents.

Artwork by VMarguarite at

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