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A chapter in the book AM I HUMAN

Chapter 2b

by dmt1967

Jake poured the coffee and smiled to himself. Trust his Dad to act as if nothing has happened. His dad took everything in his stride; maybe that gift was learned by living with his mum for so long.

Jake placed the coffee cups and percolator on a tray and carried it to a table situated in the middle of the room. He poured out two cups and handed one to his father,

“Sit down, son and I will begin,” his Dad joked.

Jake sat beside his Dad on the settee and waited in eager anticipation for the story to begin.

“Believe it or not your Mum wasn’t always this mean spirited and bitter.  We met, fell in love, and got married. I was in the Army and away a lot. One day, on leave, I witnessed a mob assassin, and the police asked me to testify against the war lord who ordered the hit.”

Jake was astounded.

“I didn’t think they had mobsters in England.”

His Dad looked sad and nodded.

“Yes, son they have them all over the place, men who want power and they don’t care who they hurt to get it.”

The two men sat in silence for a minute. Jake’s mind was in turmoil as he tried to digest what he was hearing.

“Well of course I said yes and it was decided I would be placed into witness protection afterwards.”

Although Jake was shocked, he was also very proud. Most men would have said nothing, but not his Dad. The right way or no way was a rule Captain

Tom Sullivan lived by. Every man in his command and his only son had that saying drummed into them.

“The trial took a year and we were placed in safe house after safe house. No matter where they placed us, someone always leaked our whereabouts to the gang. Well the trial came and went, and the mob boss got life, but the leak was never caught. After the trial it was decided England just wasn’t safe anymore. The detective on the case got in contact with the FBI and it was decided we would move to America and settle. As you can guess your Mum wasn’t too thrilled at the idea, and she blamed me.”

Jake stared at his Dad in horror.

“But if you hadn’t moved, you all might be killed by now!”

His Dad gazed into space.

“Well she had to leave everything really, all her friends and family, no one could know where we were. It’s no wonder all the love she had for me turned into hate and bitterness.”

Jake’s Dad drained his coffee cup and pushed his chair back. It scratched the floor surface, but he didn’t seem to mind. He stood, yawned and stretched. “Now I think it’s time to say goodnight or good morning.” Jake’s father chuckled as he looked at his watch. “Would you clear up the coffee things before you go and not leave until I am back from work?

Jake cleared away the crockery and took them to the kitchen.

“Don’t worry Dad, I need to pack my stuff and do some chores before I leave. If you are not back by the time I have finished, I will wait,” Jake promised.

Once the coffee cups were washed and put away, Jake returned to his bedroom and started packing. He had a lot to think about. Jake hadn’t even told his parents his secret, and now he might not get the chance. He wondered if he should mention it before he left, but decided against it. His Dad had enough to cope with without being told his son wanted to be a woman. Maybe his Mum was right, maybe he was a freak.

Jake reached his room and opened the door. He pulled his suitcase down from on top of the cupboard and started to pack. Suddenly he stopped as alarm bells rang in his head. If he waited until his Dad came back, he might run into his Mum again. A cold chill went down Jake’s back at that prospect.  A promise was a promise though. Jake gritted his teeth at the thought of having to deal with his mum’s temper without his Dad there to back him up.      

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